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Original Work - Index

Not everything I write is directly based off someone else's work.

I have enough in the way of original Rapture Stories to give them their own index.

The same cannot be said of vampire stories, so here they are:
The Vampire and the Bucket List - Not actually a story, just some thoughts on how a vampire might respond to a human wanting to do things that vampires can't before making the transition.
Coping with Depression via Vampires - A completely different look at how a story about a depressed girl meeting a vampire in biology class might work.
The Vampire Doctor - A vampire giving physical to a patient. It could be Carlisle, but there's no reason it has to be.

Other stories:
A Beginning Without A Story - Getting the whole, "I'm an alien," thing out of the way first thing.
A Practical Gift in time of Apocalypse - For when diamonds just don't make sense.
A Reenactment - A conversation with my computer.
Air Conditioning in Hell - A very short thing about what Lucifer has planned.
Back in Hell - How some characters from a story in High School might react to being dumped in Hell around the time of the Rapture.
 Deird's got a jetpack, we'll be alright - Extremely short thing, in response to the discovery of the time travel conspiracy my generation used to mess things up.
 Epic Book Blowing Up - Exactly what it sounds like, in response to the claim that it couldn't be done.
Falling (in love) for rocks and angels - An angel explains to a friend why he started dating.
Father and Son; Warlord and Hero - A climactic confrontation between a warlord and the hero he adopted and raised.
Invisible and Pink - Though not THE one, because the actual one is female.
Jesse in the Morgue - In response to the idea of the story of Jesus set in a modern day high school I wrote this resurrection.
Jesse in the Garden - Continuing from the above, and diverging even further from the biblical story.
 Kicked out of Magic Land - What happens when you save the special land where you learn courage and whatnot.  Followed by some discussion of Narnia.
 A pawn makes all the difference - Even if you are only a pawn in the game of life, you could still be the most important piece on the board if the position is right.
 Random Discussion of Monsters - You know that moment when you realize that one mythical being is real and wonder about all the rest?  That's what this conversation is built on.
 Reader self insert meeting the traitor alone - This is looking at two things, one is what difference could you, the reader, make if you found yourself in a story.  The other is why anyone would confront someone all alone without any backup or so much as a, "I'm going to confront X, if I don't come back X probably killed me."
Satan hit Earth, in eight lines - The story of the Fall.
Sophia saves the day, narrator-protagonist knocked out - What came to my mind in a discussion of how the Smart Girl never gets to save the day and instead gets knocked out.
A totally human narrator - How not to write a character if you want them the revelation that the character is an an alien to be a surprising twist.
Tritones and the Fall - Why the Fall really happened, based on the theory Lucifer was Heaven's music director.
 A thousand generations of Dragon Riders - That's a really long time.  Unfortunately the stability faltered with the rise of agriculture and civilization.
-A Wedding Four Words Too Long - A 47 word long long wedding. I misread the prompt, which was 43 words.
-Four Weddings of appropriate length - Four weddings at 43 words each.
 Who, Whom, and Wings - A writing prompt, write about a doctor/psychiatrist/veterinarian with an unusual patient, use "who" and "whom" correctly.
You Know - It's honestly very hard to explain this one. It should in theory have been a thing about unintended consequences when the unprivileged ignore the personhood of other unprivileged people in their efforts to fight against the privileged people keeping them down. Unfortunately my mind latched onto the wrong example, the wrong victim, the wrong setting, and in general the wrong everything. So it's not really about that at all. Somewhat difficult to explain what it is about.
 Zombie infection mistaken for a rabies outbreak - General overview of the fall of civilization from the point of view of someone who unexpectedly ended up with the job of historian.  Based on the idea of the same name listed below.

I have several posts summarizing ideas:
And a bar of gold - About a quirk in the post zompocalypse economy.
Averting one's own doomsday prophecy - Say you could see the future and thus started a doomsday cult, say you then discovered that doomsday didn't have to come.
Dreamer's Flight - Say someone built a replica of a Firefly. Say events contrived in such a way that converting it into a usable aircraft was the only reasonable way to escape some calamity. That's more or less the idea.
Genre savy and the main character's new girlfriend - A supporting character is intent on making the main character's apparent temporary love interest not be temporary.
The King's Lost Son - A somewhat different version of the standard lost heir story.
A general overview of story with an Evil Overlord who converts to good but still wants to be in charge, and a note about how he drops in on the good guys when he had to work with them before the conversion.
 Magical School Story - The thinking would be that the truely hard to fix problems would be on the school side, not the magic side.
The Mermaid Wars - The Bronze Age collapse of civilization was accompanied by references to sea people, thus clearly indicating that mermaids were involved.
The Next Out Of Left Field Mass Market Boom- Will Wildman made a prediction of what it would be, I made ridiculously specific additions to that prediction:
-Initial thoughts - In which I set up how the main character becomes a globe trotting adventurer.
-Additional thoughts - In which I try to weave the main character being super secret magically special and angst about the opposite sex into the idea in response to something Ana Mardoll said.
One of those stories in which any character might be an alien - And, at the end, the only character who isn't is the one everyone assumed was.
A simple zombie story idea - About a character who is all alone and uses the movie Apollo 13 as a way to cope.
Some story ideas that I had in highschool
-The thing where Jesus has two mommies - Another description of one of those ideas
-I also wrote a bit more about another of those idea expanding on the relationship between Hell and earth and how some demons managed to escape Hell.
- A scene from the time as a spacial dimension one and some backstory too.
One more
 What I would have done with The Happening - As with Quarantine, pretty sure it's different enough to be an original idea rather than derivative.  Involves an assault on hell.
 What I would have done with Quarantine - Pretty sure it's different enough as to be an original idea rather than derivative.  Involves the fall of civilization.
 Zombie infection mistaken for a rabies outbreak - What it sounds like.  Spawned a story.

I wrote several things picking up on an idea Will Wildman had where political campaigns would also be adventuring quests, not sure if it counts as original:
What if there is no quest to be had? - If your entire campaign playbook assumes you'll be on an epic quest, what happens if there aren't any? Some musing.

I attempted to write a novel in a month as part of National Novel Writing Month, I did not succeed but I did get a bunch of words written and have posted three excerpts of that writing:
First words - The first words I wrote.
Ryan on Stalling - After I stalled out I went back, reread, and found that I'd had the narrator talk about stalling out.
Ryan makes an incoherent metaphor - This is what I wrote when I finally got unstuck.

Some things that, while they might contain story fragments, are mostly just musing:
On Angels and Free Will - What it sounds like , and a short thing where Lucifer begs God for forgiveness.
How to Make One World Religion - An extremely short thought on this topic. Uses terminology from Left Behind, but is basically independent.
Explanations for Continued Rebellion - Where "Rebellion" means the one Lucifer led.
The Mythical Bus - On how you're never safe unless you're saved in PMD theology.
 If all monster fiction were like zombie fiction - You know how a lot of zombie stories tend to come with, "They're dead, but they're moving, what do you even call something like that?"  Imagine that applied universally.
 Why Wizards aren't on Youtube - Why are there no cell phone videos of them?  Huh?

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