Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello my (five?) readers. I have a question for you.

How would you prefer I have the comments set up? It would appear that my options for the comment form are these:
Full page
Pop-up window
Embedded below post

I originally had it set up as embedded below the post, but then today that began acting strangely to the point that I couldn't see what I was typing*. Knowing nothing about this sort of thing I have no idea why it did that. What I do know is that switching to full page has made the problem go away, while switching back makes the problem come back. Which is why it's set to full page now.

On the other hand, switching to full page also changes the experiencing of posting a comment more than a little.

So basically I'm wondering two things,
First, in the absence of gremlins, what mode of commenting would you prefer?
Second, anyone have any idea about what's going on with the gremlins?


* More specifically:
It would show me the bottom half of of any given line of letters and wouldn't always change what it showed me to reflect changes in the the text so I'd see letters that weren't even there anymore. It was fairly annoying.

Also, it seemed to be misjudging where my cursor was (it seemed to think it was one line higher than it was) which made navigating the already difficult to understand letter fragments even more difficult.


While the problem was unavoidably reproducible yesterday, the gremlins ran away today when I decided to try to get an image of what it was doing. So the comment box is back on the same page as the posts. Tell me if there are any problems with it.



  1. Personally, gremlins aside, I really prefer having the comments embedded below the pose. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of the original post and others' comments, and simply makes adding a comment seem just a little bit more inviting.

    No ideas on the gremlins, themselves, however. Sorry.

  2. Honestly, no preferences. I'd be cool with any option.

  3. How about "anything not pop-up"? I suppose I somewhat prefer embedded, if that means what I think it means, but nowhere near as strongly as I would hate pop-up.

  4. The simpler the better, for me. Everything on one page seems to work fine elsewhere.

  5. I think I may have figured out what summons the gremlins. If I follow a link to a specific comment, everything goes nutty. Otherwise everything is fine.

    I don't think a lot of people load pages via links to specific comments, so even if it fails to work in the same way for others it shouldn't come up too much.

  6. Please, anything but popups. Popup comments make me twitch thanks to some bad experiences with Haloscan. Mostly, what I disliked was teeny tiny type with no obvious way to enlarge it. Also, no toolbars in popup window.

    Blogger's popup comments at least have decent size type, but is otherwise too Haloscan like for me.