Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rumors of Progress

It seemed like it would be easy to quickly get everything I've written on disqus up. More than 500 pages in word but I had what I thought was a transcript of everything I ever wrote on disqus. I started heading through it in more or less chronological order and Then I came across a reference to writing about Nicolae's ashes without ever encountering the story itself. I definitely wrote it on disqus, but there was no record of it in the disqus stuff.

It was easy enough to find via Google when I knew what to look for, but if I hadn't specifically searched for it I wouldn't have gotten it.

Basically that means that trying to get everything will involve looking for what I've said on a thread by thread basis, which was always going to be the case for non-disqus stuff, but now appears to be the case for disqus stuff as well.

The easy to grab stuff is all online by now and hopefully not too hard to navigate.

There is an index of Rapture Stuff (not just Left Behind based), and an index of Twilight Stuff. Between the two that's about two thirds of the stuff that is currently here. I've also made an index of original stuff. That doesn't cover quite everything, but it should cover most stuff.


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