Friday, October 7, 2011

The Mythical Bus

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 4).]
[Some think that the Tribulation timeline would mean that you can wait for a miracle to convert and avoid Hell in that way. This is my attempt to explain the RTC objection to that stance.]

[Someone else wrote: I don't have to take Pascal's wager, I can have it both ways, only converting if I get actual proof.]

What if you're on a plane at the time, and the pilot is an RTC? Or an RTC's car runs you over before you realize what happened? Or any of the other various things that caused (soon to be forgotten) chaos and carnage in the aftermath of LB's Rapture.

And what if you should get hit by the RTC bus?

[Another person wrote: Assuming I avoid that bus, I should still be okay if I convert after Russia's entire nuclear arsenal vanishes without a trace above Israel, right?]

You would think so, but apparently the order of events there isn't entirely clear. Lahaye is very big on, "The Rapture could happen right ... NOW! I mean now. How 'bout now?" even though Russia has not yet fired its missiles.

I think his official stance is, "It could happen pre-Rapture, it could happen post-Rapture, really who can say?" or something along those lines.

Just because Russia's arsenal is intact does not mean that you can think yourself safe, why by the time I finish writing this sentence the Rapture could snatch away, in the twinkling of an eye, the pilot of of a plane whose autopilot is about to malfunction and bring it in for a 'landing' right non your house. The only question is whether the rapture derailed train gets there first.

What's that you say? You don't live near an airport or a railroad? Well then an RTC at the chemical plant will be taken in the middle of a vital procedure releasing a cloud of toxic death-gas and the RTCs at the nuclear power station have gone as well which will cause an explosion taking out-

Nuclear power doesn't work that way? Chemical plants have fail-safe procedures? You don't live near either of those? Ok, maybe you will be- There's an out of control van about to come through the wall behind you!

The only way to be truly safe is to convert now. Now, I say. Now.

Or something like that.

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