Friday, October 28, 2011

Nicolae's Invisible Staff

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 5).]

Nicolae has a very competent staff somewhere. The problem is that that staff, like the congregation at New Hope, is never described directly. Like narrative dark matter we know them only from their influence on other things. We cannot see them, but we can see their effect on the visible universe.

Somebody had to figure out how to convert to a one world currency without the transition being bumpy. That's a pretty amazing feat. Somebody had to dissolve all governments in a way that didn't result in chaos. Somebody had to work out how you destroy 90% of the world's weapons while shipping the other 10% to a city that has yet to be built without either a) having the entire process end in abject failure or b) allowing the stress and absurdity to make you unhinged. Somebody had to make that city. Somebody had to figure out how to implement a one world language (LB has one of those, right?). I feel like there is something vitally important that I'm leaving out, but someone had to do that too. Which is to say nothing about getting everyone back to work after all the children disappeared. Someone had to do that.

I don't know whether this dark matter staff is composed of demons or humans, but they're frighteningly competent. Presumably all Nicolae would have to do would be to say to them, "Be evil for a while," and he could out evil all previous regimes.

On the other hand, most of their effort thus far has been spent avoiding calamity. How do we do X impossible and/or silly thing without crashing civilization? So maybe the dark matter staff isn't evil.



  1. I based a whole fan'verse out of the notion that Nicolae's telecoms staff are good at what they do. Follow along maybe?

  2. Turns out Nicolae was being literally guided by Satan all along according to the wiki for the series.

    1. Only for the second half of the tribulation actually :) Hi Zev!