Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Misdirection and Nuclear War

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 6).]

Tybult wrote: Fitzhugh's got about half an hour before Buck narcs on him.

Maybe that's the point.

Look, forget about everything we know about Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye and these books. Especially forget everything we know about these books. It is vitally important that you forget that, especially any knowledge that comes from having read ahead. Have you put it out of your head? Good.

Now then, one of the apparent leaders of what may be the last resistance on earth has just revealed the resistance's playbook to a close ally of the Evil Overlord. Half an hour later word comes back to the Evil Overlord that three countries are planning a major attack on the east coast of the United States.

The Evil Overlord devotes inordinate resources to watching those three countries and covertly preparing for an attack on the US east coast.

Meanwhile, a coalition of Canadians and Mongolians and Poles slip under the world's radar and then, after implementing a daring plan that is only possible because all attention is directed elsewhere, nuke New Babylon while Nicky Cheyenne Mountain is present.

At which point Fitzhugh walks up behind Buck, who is currently staring at his television in shock, and says, "You didn't really think we were going to nuke New York, did you?" Buck spins around only to be punched in the face.


Why Canadians, Mongolians and Poles? No real reason. Originally it was just going to be Canada, but then I figured I'd stick with the idea of three countries.


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