Friday, October 7, 2011

Rapture Index

I've written several stories based, sometimes straightforwardly sometimes extremely loosely, on Rapture theology. This is where you can find them.

Aliens vs. Antichrist - Some thoughts on the concept of Aliens responding to the Tribulation, and some dialog between two aliens already on earth shortly after the Rapture.

A Hero In Heaven - A quick thing in which an angel refuses to participate in the apocalypse.

Not Even the Angels in Heaven - An ongoing story about a variety of angels who oppose the apocalypse.

Left Behind Based Stories - An index of those stories based on the world's worst books.

A Strong Delusion - Some believe that the reason that the world will not respond in realistic ways to the Rapture is because a delusion will be sent to make people believe what is false, or something like that. Written for Rapture day.  At the Dealership - Same two characters look on while business as usual takes place during a nuclear war..

Where Antichrists Come From - The ongoing saga of Nick Andes and Lucifer, who have promised the world that, if they work together and weather the coming storms, they can get the children back. A promise they intend to keep or be damned trying.  Since it was written early, not all the exiting pieces are easy to find.  Right now I have the first one and the latest two:
First one - Lucifer recruits Andes.
I'm taking the day off - Andes needs some time off.
Demon Resources - In which Andes interviews an applicant for a job in his regime.

A World Without God - What if it were true that people and the world at large were hopelessly broken and the only thing standing between humanity and utter depravity was the restraining influence of the spirit of God? This is a story in which that is true and God withdraws.

Underground Bunkers for the Masses - A pastor's plan for what to do during the eighteen months of peace.


What I would have done with Vanishing on 7th Street - Difficult to say for sure if this belongs here.  The movie in question definitely uses Left Behind's idea of a fleshy-bits-only Rapture as a jumping off point, but if it's a Rapture story it's a story where the Rapture is creepy and explicitly assumed to be the enemy.


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