Thursday, October 6, 2011

Musing about Nicoale and TurboJesus vs. the world

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On the subject of actual heroes, or indeed actual villains, vs. Nicolae and Turbo Jesus. Why have just one team?

For seven years the entire world is going to be subject to the co-rulership of those two.
Everyone should be trying to stop them. The people opposing them should be tripping over each other.

Just imagine what would happen when the Leverage team and the Burn Notice team suddenly discovered they were working the same job.

The only problem is that as things wind to a close and everything builds towards a climax you're going to have that plethora of heroes and villains being funneled closer and closer together, it won't just be occasionally having two or three groups working on the exact same project but 3,720 against 1 (well, against two if you're thinking of the opposition to Nicolae and TurboJesus as separate ventures), and then it stops being fun and starts being a mess.

Of course if Nicolae/TurboJesus/Both saw that coming and set up evil plans in need of stopping worldwide to prevent the assorted Heroes from being able to attend the final battle that could potentially keep everyone occupied enough that you don't have the real battle be over who gets to take down the bad guy.

Perhaps Nicolae and God both allocate some portion of their resources to, say, blowing up major cities so that most of the heroes are forced to stay at home in order to make sure they still have a home, rather than come to Armageddon. That would make the ending more diffuse, but it would also prevent a hero soup situation.


Mind you for Nicolae and TurboJesus to survive long enough for everyone to get a chance to do something assumes that their subordinates have some level of competence. But that makes a certain amount of sense.

Nicolae just says, "We're going to have one world currency, and one world language, and one world government. And one world religion." Some one else has to figure out how to make it work (probably a different person for each task) and given that they did somehow make it work, they're definitely competent enough to give the assorted heroes trouble. Plus, they've probably made sure their evil staff is likewise very capable.

Of course in that case it isn't so much every hero imaginable vs. Nicolae as it is every hero imaginable vs. the highly competent staff of Nicolae who manage to prop up the buffoon they all inexplicably follow.


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