Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Van Scene, Paraphrase

With no snark whatsoever, this is the sequence of events in the original text:

---Bella hears screeching, looks up.
---Bella sees several things at once in clear detail. These include people other than Edward, Edward, and the van. Bella takes note of the fact that Edward is standing four cars down and the fact that the van is so close she doesn't even have time to close her eyes before it hits.
---Edward hits Bella. Bella lands such that she is "lying on the pavement behind the tan car [she'd] parked next to" looking back to the place whence she came. Edward lands on Bella. He is positioned such that he can stick his arms out in the direction Bella is looking. Bella does not yet know that the thing on top of her is a person.
---The spinning van spins around the end of Bella's truck (damaging both in the process) and continues its journey towards Bella.
---Edward swears. Bella realizes she is not alone.
---Edward sticks out his hands and stops the van.
---At this point the van is not yet settled. Edward's hands "moved so fast they blurred." One hand is used to grab the bottom of the van to prevent it from settling. The other hand is used to move Bella, swinging her "legs around like a rag doll's, till they hit the tire of the tan car."
---Edward drops the van which settles exactly where Bella's legs had been.
---"It was absolutely silent for one long second"

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