The point here is not to duplicate the Navigation section of the About Page, it's to provide quick navigation for those who want it.  So more words can be found on the About Page, but the short version is this: tags are added when the post is made, so they should be most up to date, but in theory indexes allow for easier navigation.

I started this blog to collect together story fragments I had written elsewhere, so I'll list indexes for those first.  I've started doing slow post throughs of a couple of things I like, those next.  Finally month by month indexes of everything that's been posted.


The Original Work Index is an index for original stories, except original Rapture related stories.

The Rapture Index is the top index for Rapture based stories but several things that fall under that topic have their own indexes:
A World Without God is a story in which the withdrawal of God from the world revealed that both humanity and the world were very, very broken, previously kept propped up by the spirit of god, now not so much.

Left Behind Stories - Stories based on the World's Worst Books.
Skewed Slightly to the Left - An ongoing series based around the theory that with a few modifications here and there the story of Left Behind, mostly intact, wouldn't be so horrible.
Not Even The Angels In Heaven is the story of various angels, led by Death herself, who weren't on-board with the whole "end of the world" thing.
The Twilight Index - The top index for stories that are based around another bad novel series. Again, some things in this group have enough substance to merit their own indexes:
Edith and Ben - The story of Edith Cullen and Ben Swan, which is sort of like a gender flip of Twilight, except the characters aren't jerks.

Snarky Twilight - The story of Twilight, told almost entirely in dialog, delivered with a certain degree of Snark.  Also, the TARDIS Truck, but that just sort of snuck in there.

.hack//Sign - The anime is the story of a depressed teenager named Tsukasa who finds himself unable to log out of an online game.  The portrayal of depression is, in my opinion, very well done.  It resonated with me so strongly that I bought each of the DVDs as it was released, and the limited editions of each at that.  I've never bought another series, animated or not, for myself.

Deus Ex - Some say it's the best game ever made, I'm not going to argue with them.


This Blog did exist before January 2012, I haven't gotten around to making indexes for previous months.  Yet.

The difference between these indexes and the history on the sidebar is that the links come with a summary of what is actually in the post and are broken up by topic/theme.

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