Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on eternal youth as a hindrance to career advancement

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]

I think the eternal youth would be a hindrance in one's career as a non-bankrobber/non-superhero.

A college professor who looks like a 17 year old is probably going to be ok given the right credentials. A college professor who looks like a 17 year old 10 or 20 years after getting the job is going to arouse suspicions. Especially among people who studied for years along side them when they were getting certified to be a teacher because those people will know that the vampire hasn't changed
at all.

I'm suddenly imagining this exchange:
"We have to leave, the locals have caught on."
"But I just got
"Sorry, we have to go."

That said, I don't think the problems inherent in looking like a 17 year old would mean you'd have to be in high school. (As I said, the only explanation I could come up with, and it is flimsy, for an immortal to repeatedly return to the crucible that is highschool is to re-form themselves into someone who doesn't seem to be a throwback from decades past. That and it might be a good foundation on which to build a new identity. Problem is, both of those would apply to the much nicer practice of going to college.) It does mean that eternal youth, when it's stuck in teenage youth, might not be as useful as it sounds when trying to become a lawyer/doctor/baseball champion/[I'm suddenly imagining someone laughing in the private eye's face when they find out this apparent teenage kid is the "detective" that wants them to hire him].


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