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Left Behind Index

Left Behind is a series of books, starting with the book Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days, about the Rapture and ensuing Tribulation which includes a main series of 12 books, 3 prequels, one sequel, and three side series (which at the time of this writing contain 47 books between them.) It is very bad.

A detailed page by page explanation of why it is bad can be found at Slacktivist.

I've written several things based on it:

The one ongoing story I have is Skewed Slightly to the Left, the rest are presented in more or less alphabetical order.

Apocalypse Averted - Cameron Williams and President Fitzhugh conspire to stop the treaty signing that will begin the Tribulation.

Are you Rayford Steele? - I think this is a somewhat more realistic version of why someone would follow the order to find Ray after the nuking of the city.

Bankers Left Behind - A very short thing about what those bankers might have been meeting about.

A Boring Nuclear Attack - An example of how Nicolae's ability to make even nuclear war seem boring could have been used well.

Buck's Ethics - A possible justification for Buck refusing Nicolae's job offer after repeatedly compromising his ethics in Nicolae related ways in the past.

Buck Meets Hercules - How Buck and Chaim might respond to indisputable proof of a different god's existence given their non-committal response to the proof they are presented with in canon.

Buck on Twitter - Someone asked, "Can y'all imagine Buck with Facebook and Twitter?" Yes. Yes I can.

Captain Tribulation - Speculation about Captain Tribulation, the LaHayevian version of Captain Planet, complete with the theme song.

Her Bailiwick - Yes, the original text does use that term.  Yes, I made a very short Warehouse 13 crossover scene.

If you would excuse us - Very, very, very short attempt to fix a plot hole via creepy.

Is there not a military leader... - Musing on why Nicolae uses a certain odd sounding phrase.

Left Behind with Edward and Bella - Characters from Twilight discuss Bruce Barnes' health and Chicago's future in the lead up to World War III.

Love and Whatnot in TurboJesus' Kingdom - A description and illustration of how things work in the Millennial Kingdom.

Misdirection and Nuclear War - A possible explanation for why one of the leaders of the resistance tells his plans to Buck, a favored employee of the Antichrist.

Mr Nicolae Carpathia ate with relish the inner organs of beasts... - Take the beginning of James Joyce's Ulysses, change to Left Behind.  See what happens.

Musing about Nicoale and TurboJesus vs. the world - Not actually a story, just some general thoughts about basically every hero in fiction taking on Nicolae and Left Behind God&Jesus.

My Arm Is Tired - For reasons never adequately explained Rayford requires that everyone in the car put their hands on him during a drive.  A riff on that.

News of the War:
World War III and Terminology - If the reported in the recently ruined DC hadn't felt like doing regional terminology exposition.
Fight at the Nike Center - Because people think "shoe store" not "missile base".
DC is under attack, there's a Traffic Jam in Chicago - Because the way the reporter on the ground in DC decided what to report made so much sense.
Getting information while stuck in traffic - In which Chloe has a smartphone.
Getting information while hiding in the woods - In which things are completely different because our heroes, having been heroic, no longer live in luxury's lap. And Chloe still has a smartphone.

Nicolae's ashes - What might have happened if Nicolae had been cremated.

Nicolae's invisible staff - Someone, somewhere, is frighteningly competent. It cannot be otherwise.

The NRA Traffic Jam (Left Behind Lacunae) - Heroes doing their best to be heroes between the lines because what happens in the lines themselves is kind of crap.

Post Rapture, No News Today - An attempt at more realistic reporting from Cameron Williams.  This is in response to the Tribulation Force movie rather than one of the books.

Rayford and Nicolae at the Helicopter - A rewrite of the scene where Rayford slams Nicolae up against a helicopter.

Some more scenes from the boat with Mike - Let's face it, the scene on the boat with Mike in NRA made no sense.  It had to be rewritten, here are two versions.  (The "more" is because Skewed Slightly to the Left already got its version of the scene: A murderer on the Jordan)

Terminator Treatment, Left Behind gets the - In response to someone talking about how heroes from other stories would act in Left Behind.  A warrior from the future comes back in time to avert the... you know.

Various Teams - Think "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" but with a Left Behind flavor and slogans.  The slogans are the most important part.

Verna's Perspective - A bit of exposition about their past if it were delivered from Verna's perspective instead of Buck's.

The Wages of Peace - What if Rayford used his bug in the Antichrist's office and Buck used his global media empire?  What if they exposed just what a horrible mass murderer Nicolae was?  What if it didn't matter in the least.

Wars, Foretold and Otherwise - What one does when prophecy says they'll lose.

Why are you doing this? - And God's answer.

World War III, as told in Left Behind - An attempt to put everything we've been told together.


I've also written non Left Behind Rapture stories, which can be found here.


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