Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy the Interwebs

So I didn't accomplish what I had hoped to today because my sister brought me to Occupy Maine, which is -I think- being rebranded to Occupy Maine: Portland so as not to step on the toes of other occupy groups in Maine.

Occupy Maine is a group in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street which is an ongoing demonstration in New York City. Given that there are so many things wrong right now, the goals of the group are somewhat diffuse, if there were only one problem then you'd probably get a much smaller group giving a more focused response, instead there are many grievances and a diverse coalition of people striving in the same general direction.

Occupy Maine is hardly the only group in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Today there was some talk about Occupy New Hampshire calling up and saying we should get together with Occupy Vermont and all drop in on Occupy Boston for a day of unified Occupy New England. Apparently there's already a plan to go up to Augusta (Maine's capital) on that day so it might not work out as planned, but the point is, "Occupy X," exists for many values of X. Including, I'm told, Auckland, New Zealand. So apparently it's fairly global.

Actually, if I want to pick the Occupy thingy farthest from Wall Street, I probably should have picked Perth, Australia.

More information is available elsewhere.


So, anyway, if this is the sort of thing that interests you, and you have the time and spoons for it (I'm not convinced I do at the moment), now might be a good time to find a thingy near you. I don't know if this can bring about change, but I am pretty sure that if it is going to happen it will require fleshy bodies in public places. The series of tubes is occupied in perpetuity anyway. The point is to be visible so, in spite of the title of this post, Occupying the Internets (even if you manage to occupy all of them) is probably not sufficient.

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