Friday, October 7, 2011

He's a Son of Adam. She's a Daughter or Lilith. They fight crime!

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings as part of a much larger post.]
[In Narnia there is a naming tradition for humans where a male is called a son of Adam and a female is called a daughter of Y. Simple enough for pure humans, but how does it work for others?]

I'm also less than clear about how we determine X and Y. Is it patrilineal and matrilinial respectively? If Edmund should meet Jadis' mistreated daughter while prisoner at her house and the two of them team up to escape and then free Narnia from monarchy forever instead forming Narnia's first democracy after they've convinced enough members of both sides to join them instead of being pawns in Aslan's game with Jadis, and in the process fall in love and then, years later as adults and still in love, they have children, those children would be descended from Adam, Eve, Lilith, and the unnamed giant. Are the girls daughters of Lilith because their mother was and the boys son's of Adam because their father was?

What if it had been Jadis' son and one of the girls who grew up to fall in love and have kids? Would the boys be Son's of Giant while the girls were Daughters of Eve?

If both happened wouldn't it make sense to point out that the Daughters of Eve in this scenario had just as much Lilith in them as the Daughters of Lilith, and the Daughters of Lilith had just as much Eve in them as the Daughters of Eve?

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