Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buck's Ethics

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 2).]

I can see Buck's previous lack of regard for journalistic ethics playing a role in his finally saying no. (You know, if not for the fact he finally says yes.) This would be in Buck's big meeting with Nicolae, unlike in the actual book Buck has just turned down the offer on ethical grounds:

Nicolae: Buck, you've-
Buck: Yes! Yes, I have. I've buried stories for you, I've held my tongue when I knew I should be crying from the rooftops. I've crossed the line. More times than you will ever know. Hell, I'm crossing the line just being here today. Lunch was fantastic by the way. Lord knows I'll cross the line in the future.
Buck: But no matter how many times I've crossed over in the past or how many times I'll do it again in the future I am not going to set up permanent residence on this side of it. It will not happen. Unless you have something else you wanted to talk about, this meeting is over.


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