Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling (in love) for rocks and angels

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I have had this scene in my head for ages:

An angel in good standing is talking to a Grigori who was outcast due to collective punishment rather than personal impropriety. For thousands you years said Grigori had been faithfully doing his duties and following the rules even though Heaven no longer wanted him. Now he's started dating. They're talking about it while walking through the woods near a mountain.

Angel in good standing: You've been among them for all this time, known thousands of humans. Why her? What makes her different?
Grigori: If you're looking for some magical reason that she makes angels fall, you won't find it. I've never loved anyone or anything as much as I love her, but I've loved plenty just as much. She's special, but so were they. I'm not going to say that everyone I met before her was somehow deficient. It would be a disservice to them and to love.
Angel: That's not the same. You loved them as friends. You loved them as a caretaker. You never did this. There had to be something different this time.
Grigori: See that rock? *Points to a boulder slightly larger than the average house*
Angel: What about it?
Grigori: It used to be up there *points to a cliff face on the mountain* for eons it stayed up there and then one day, in a matter of seconds, it came down here. Do you know what made that day different from all the others?
Angel: No.
Grigori: Nothing. The day it fell was exactly like the day before and the day after. There was no earthquake, it wasn't struck by lightening, there was no massive windstorm, no one stood on it and jumped up and down. It just happened. The time was right, so it went.
Angel: So, what? Your time had come?
Grigori: Maybe.
Angel: Angels aren't rocks. Falling doesn't just happen. You made a choice.
Grigori: Yes I did, but the only reason I never did before was because it never resonated with me. This time it did so I did.
*Long silence*
Grigori: Do you want to meet her?
Angel: I shouldn't even be talking to you.
Grigori: That's never stopped you before.
Angel: What's her name?
Grigori: Maria.
Angel: Ok, fine, I'll meet your girlfriend. *Pause* You know, you're not even the same species.
Grigori: Really? Because I'm pretty sure we could produce-
Angel: Don't start.

And I never really realized how much that scene dragged on until I wrote it up.

Anyway, when dealing with ancient immortal being falls in love with a human stories (if the being in question doesn't have a history of falling in love with humans) it seems like it makes more sense for the reason it didn't happen before to be that the immortal wasn't ready yet, rather than that the human was the most awesomest person ever. Because if you've been alive and mingling for hundreds or thousands of years, I have some trouble believing that you just haven't met the right person yet.


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  1. I don't think it drags. I would watch this movie. And I agree with you... badass normals are generally ok, but the Awesomest Special Snowflake not so much.