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July 2012

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
A Strong Delusion - At the dealership - Two characters from one of my original rapture stories comment on the oddness of business as usual taking place during World War III.  Inspired by Left Behind which does not have the easy explanation for why business as usual is taking place during World War III that this story has.

Ten reasons for vampires to attend high school - Exactly what it sounds like.

Talking time Travel at a Gas Station - Written in response to a prompt I misread.  Some discussion of time travel at a gas station because the time-truck needs repairs.

Possible beginning to a possible anthology story about ghosts - Person dies while playing a computer game, shortly after the gameworld dies when the game ends (lack of person leads to lack of player character defending self leads to game over) ghost of person ends up in the ghost of the gameworld.

Mech Story: Beginning - The beginning of a story (and so far all there is a beginning) about a future in which mechanically augmented individuals regain all the functionality, and more, of their replaced body parts but also end up with pariah status.

How to make your Zombie Apocalypse Team - a sizable portion of people coming to the site via google were wondering.

The Devil's Coat, overview - An overview of the idea for a story in which someone gets the money to save the family farm in exchange for giving the (not evil) devil his coat but unforseen complications end up landing him the job of ferrying the souls of the dead to Hell.  Which is nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

Unproduced projects and the fear of writing what I don't know - I've had various ideas for male-presenting person becomes happy lesbian stories.  I list fiveish in the post.  The reason I haven't really written any of them has to do with things that I don't know, not things that I don't know about transgender issues, rather things that I don't know about everything else.

General Twilight based stuff:
Some responses to Edward in Chapter 9 - The things Edward says are from the original text, the responses are from hypothetical Bellas of my own invention.

Manuscript e - What's in the Woods - Edward, who doesn't know werewolves still exist and would have been warned if other vampires were in the area, warns Bella to stay out of the woods because he's not always the most dangerous thing out there.  So, just what is he talking about?  Find out here.

Some thoughts on Edith's mind reading - Exactly what it sounds like, an Edith and Ben metapost.

It's not an SUV it's a Time Machine! - A short silly thing explaining the durability of the SUV that replaces the truck, and how the truck wasn't really replaced at all.

General Left Behind based stuff:
Skewed Slightly to the Left: WWIII at New Hope - Loretta and her underlings face the war.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
These points of data make a beautiful line - Subaru returns to Mac Anu, bringing Sora with her.  This prompts a conversation between Subaru and the Silver Knight which gives me a chance to talk about various things included but not limited to Subaru's search for information on the larger flow going on in the world, the way that Subaru's interest in Tsukasa and said flow will change, and indeed invert, over the course of the series, and how the series relates to the larger .hack franchise.

How not to respond to a depressed kid's first success - Tsukasa, believing he trained the Guardian, contacted Mimiru so the could meet and he could show her the good news.  And it was good news.  It was his first major success, it made the game safer for everyone, it was the first that led to him expressing positive emotions.  Mimiru sent Bear in her stead and Bear demonstrated how not to respond to a depressed kid's first success.  Also I have more discussion on Mimiru not giving up and the peril Tsukasa appears to be in given the limited information available to the characters.

From my slow trek through Deus Ex:
Training - Part 10: Snippets of information - We end the training mission, six months after starting it.  A hall of holograms exists to give the player little snippets of information, I talk about all such snippets.

Other fiction related stuff:
Tron: Legacy as Season 1 of a TV series - I previously wrote that the promise of added depth would make me accept Tron: Legacy more if it had been a two hour series pilot (obviously modified to have a less final ending) instead of a stand alone movie.  In this article I consider a very different way of making it into a series.  Instead of rewriting the plot to make it into a pilot, it would be filled out to make it into a full season.  More characters, more perspectives, more time, more depth.  I propose episode summaries based on hastily writing down where episode breaks might fit into the movie during one viewing.  Ana Mardoll recommended this.

Under the dome, what I would guess it is about - Given the title and nothing else, these would be my guesses.

Something I like: Sahara - A list of things I like about the movie Sahara.

Other Stuff:
God provided the fireworks - On the fourth of July the fireworks were canceled due to the weather.  The weather was a very nice lightshow itself.  I meant to capture stills from video I took to add to the post, but I'd mostly forgotten about it so at the time of this writing it hasn't happened yet and thus there are just two pictures that don't really capture it.  And, of course, me talking about it.  Bunches of that.

Monopolies and the free market - On why, in a free market, monopolies tend to stay monopolies and the idea that anyone can start a business to compete with them doesn't really hold up as a reason for them to go away.

Botocracy no more - Selma Botman, the incompetent and unkind president of my university, stepped aside.

On Selma Botman stepping sideways - Some thoughts on the way she left the university and possible interpretations of it.

Image post: Pictures of Dragons - One picture of one dragon, modified in various ways.

On the temptation to give up and spend my life screaming profanities into the empty space - One of the things about writing the title before the post is sometimes the post doesn't end up reflecting the title as much as you expected.  More about what was going on in my life at that point in time.

Image post: Ana's Avatar - Ana mentioned my artistic ability with respect to the "Pictures of Dragons" post above.  As it happens, I'd spent the day before messing with her avatar in vaguely artistic ways.  So I posted about it.

Image post: Ana gets the Dragon Treatment - The vaguely artistic ways I had been messing with Ana's avatar were not the vaguely artistic ways I had been messing with the picture Ana commented on, so it seemed there was only one solution.  Another post in which I did to a picture of Ana what I had done to the picture of the dragon.

Boys make music, girls only listen, and other lessons from an unpleasant trip to Walmart - Ok, so, it was originally supposed to be about children in advertising and how, for no apparent reason, the matching ads for children's underwear indicated that boys make music, girls listen to music.  But between the time I took pictures of the ads and the time I got out of the store so much more had gone wrong.  (Customer service, Walmart does not do it well.)

Can someone who knows programming help me out with gimp? - question still stands.

It is Real - When you're interacting with someone on the internet, it is real.  They're a real person, presumably you are too, whatever you say or do to them is real.  This should not be so hard for some people to understand.

Music - Five bits of the music I listen to when I don't have the energy/motivation/ability to leave the computer to get a CD.

My hoped for future doesn't exist - A post about how depression, by preventing me from doing things sooner, has made those things impossible as the passage of time removed things that were key to such things.

Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice - How I go on.

Food Helps - The realization I'd been starving myself, and the effort to eat more, improved things.

Blog stuff:
April 2012 - An index much like this, but for the month indicated.  Wrote about my zombie apocalypse team, what the government can't do if it can have the individual mandate (twice) because apparently at least one US Supreme Court Justice has never read the US Constitution, getting my picture in the paper, spider plants, and more.

The Great Eye and I opened another shop - Want to buy a poster of a higher resolution version of the dragon from the "Pictures of Dragons" post?  Or a postcard or a mousepad or a... If I ever get around to making Stealing Commas merch, that's where it will go.  But unless you want a picture of a dragon, there's not much there now.  The post might also be of interest if you'd like to hear me talk about the dragon's eye staring at me for an extended period.

My Spam - Every piece of spam that was in the spamtrap at the time of me posting, minus, of course, the actual "Please visit [spam]" parts.


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