Friday, October 5, 2012

Image post: fallen leaves glazed in rain

The title pretty much says it all, if you're not interested in a bunch pictures of wet leaves on the ground, this is probably not the post for you.

Pictures are from yesterday (October 4th.)

How many pictures?  55 I think.  How many leaves?  No idea.  Some leaves are in more than one picture, which would bring the number down, on the other hand some pictures have more than one leaf which would bring the number up.

Anyway, click for full size.

 The pictures immediately above and below this really show what a difference the decision whether or not to use flash can make.  Same leaf, same place, very different pictures.

I took notice of this leaf mostly because of it's size, which was bigger than my shoe.


  1. Particular favourites: 06, 22, 36, 47. No idea why.

    Do you have access to an off-axis flash (i.e. a separate unit)?

  2. Aww, I miss real Fall. Autumn rains are my favorite thing ever (except for spring rains and random Christmas fog-ins).

  3. Oh, how lovely. I particularly like 40 for its mood, and 56 and 60 because the leaf is all rumpled-y and so very colorful, and 54 because moss! Moss in contrast with a beautiful leaf is even more fun.

    That last one is a very big leaf. Wow.

  4. Beautiful. I especially like 48 and 58. And I see it's been rainy over there, too. We're flooding...