Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been a year

So, I missed the blog's birthday, which was September 30th, but give or take a few days (is it giving or taking when you're late?) it's been a year.

So we've come from here (the first post) to here (this post) and hopefully accomplished something of value along the way.

Seemed like a milestone worth marking, so, I'm marking it.

It has been marked.


I was going to end there, but it occurs to me that I actually have a question for readers.  Anyone have any favorite post(s) that they'd like to point to?  I'd be interested to know what you liked most.  Or found most useful, or whatever.


  1. Happy blogday!

    I came for the fiction snippets; I stayed for the pretty pictures and the smart talk about depression.

  2. I too came for the fiction snippets, but your depression posts are far and away what kept me coming back.

    Also, .hack even though I'm way behind on your posts, because what little I've seen of the series I loved, and I'm enjoying your take on it.

    Congratulations on having a blog for a year!

  3. Happy blogiversary*!

    ...and it would appear I don't bookmark posts I particularly liked on blogs I read regularly, relying on archive-poking to stumble across them again. I should probably fix that, but in the meantime I'll go archive-poking and see what stands out. *poke*

    For some reason the idea that lightning-bolt means eleven has gotten itself lodged into my brain, which might come in handy for encrypting things by writing them in thick personal jargon. (How to divide numbers in bases I never use is not exactly the easiest information to retain, but the eleven-symbol stuck.)

    *Please ignore the utter lack of sense when parsed etymologically.

  4. Happy Blogday!

    Wait, that doesn't sound right at all.

    I love the fiction bits. And your blogging about Deus Ex prompted me to get the game. But I read everything.

    And I'm trying to work on that whole commenting thing. You like people commenting on your blog, I like people commenting on mine, therefor I should comment on blogs.

  5. Happy blog anniversary, Chris.
    I mostly lurk here for the fiction that you don't post elsewhere (and also for the fiction you *do* post elsewhere, but it's easier to save it as stand-alone posts than as comments). And .hack//SIGN recaps.


  6. I love-love-love all the fiction. And the fiction ideas. And the world-building and conversation in general.

    I try to read the decons, but I haven't had the time I need lately, but I like knowing that they're there.

    The depression stuff is kind of oh-my-god-you're-a-hero stuff. It's so helpful to read it, and I know it's hard to write, so I'm amazed that you do it so well.