Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 'verse is moving

It is by now old news that The Slacktiverse at Typepad will be closing soon.

I don't disagree with the decision to close it, though I have strong and mostly negative thoughts on everything that led up to it.  I think the administrators there were badly mistreated, and that makes me sad.  When they withdrew I hoped that they'd someday return, that will not be happening.  I hope wherever they go, online or off, they find better times than they had at the Slacktiverse.

But for all others the question of what to do now remains, and it looks like the answer is going to be, "Go Here."  The Slacktiverse at Blogspot.  There's almost nothing there yet, as one might expect.  at Typepad doesn't close until the 15th, so right now there are actually two Slacktiverses, but the point is, moving.

Anyone who wants to keep on being at the Slacktiverse is going to have to get used to a new address because in the future The Slacktiverse at Typepad will be the frozen archives of all that went on there, and The Slacktiverse at Blogspot will be where any new things are happening.

So, grab the furniture, load up the van, we're moving.  If you're of the Slacktiverse, that is.  If you've come here by other means and have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, do consider stopping by sometime, but be aware that we are in the process of moving at the moment and take that into account when you consider the state of the place(s).


There's a post I've been meaning to write for the Slacktiverse pretty much for as long as there has been a Slacktiverse.  Shows you the speed I tend to move at.  For another example, it's been years, I'm pretty sure, since I decided to shave off the beard.  It's just that doing didn't happen until this passed Sunday.  It always seems to be the doing where things get hung up.


  1. So, grab the furniture, load up the van, we're moving.

    Right. Let's see, anti-sheep shielding, anti-sheep shielding...*rummages*...ah, there it is. Check!

    So if we're using a moving-house metaphor, does that mean somebody's going to end up packing the contents of the spamtrap by mistake? (When my family moved to Canada we didn't notice a compost bucket had been packed without being emptied first for a year. Luckily it was well-contained.)

  2. I forget, do you need tongs to move phlebotinum?