Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finding Newspapers

Ok, bit of an odd question: how would one go about finding a list of every newspaper in the United States that accepts electronic submissions?  (I actually just received stamps today, but I'm not going to be sending letters to newspapers.)

Seriously, every single one.

There are 3,033 counties or county equivalents in the US and if we assume that every county has a paper of record then we're talking about a long list, one also has to consider that some cities have dozens of papers in them.

But how does one go about locating all of them?


And beyond that question, I figured it was probably best not to have the front post be taken up by the Latin version of of the Universal Lord's Prayer.  How many of my readers read Latin, anyway?


  1. My guess is that essentially all papers will accept electronic submissions, even if you have to dig a bit for the address.

    I don't know for sure, but I suspect there's going to be a professional organization or licensing organization that will have near complete records, along with contact information. (This is true for pretty much every professional society, even if that information is theoretically private.) Your university librarian ought to be able to hook you up with the proper folks - if s/he's not able to get you the list directly.

  2. appears to have some promising links.

    1. Yeah, pretty sure that that's what I'll be using if no one suggests anything better.

      The fact that many of the individual state lists come with an annotation like:
      This is a list of daily newspapers in [state]. For weeklies and others, see List of newspapers in [state].

      Means that using it would involve not just the list but also consulting other lists, though not 50 of them. Some states don't come with that annotation the Delaware list, for example, lists dailies and weaklies both.