Sunday, October 28, 2012

NRA: Her bailiwick

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[Two things, first the narration in Nioclae: Rise of the Antichrist says, "This was more her bailiwick than his, but his question soon became moot."  Referring, if it matters, to which road Chloe would take.  Second, if you haven't seen the first episode of Warehouse 13 this will make no sense to you.]

This was more her bailiwick than his-
Everything stopped as Cameron Williams questioned the narration.
"Her bailiwick?" he asked.
"Yes, Mr. Williams, my bailiwick," Mrs. Fredrick said from the back seat of the car.
Cameron looked to see her, he was sure the seat had been empty, "How did you..."
"That's not important."  She handed him a folder.
"What's this?"
"An invitation to endless wonder."
"Lady, I'll take an invitation to endless shit shoveling if it'll get me out of these goddamned books."  This was true, but incomplete, so Cameron provided some context, "But I have to find my wife and make sure she's safe first."
"That's already being taken care of."
Arte showed up at the car window, "We think the artifact is probably Scofield's personal bible."


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  1. Myka raised her eyes to what might, in another place, have been heaven. "Why does it always have to be books that are going to end the world?"