Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There was just an earthquake.

Just, you know, letting you know.


Thought I already posted this.  Anyway, got all the neighbors out on the street talking about, "Was that an earthquake?" didn't do much beyond shake everything a bunch (house has never shaken that much before but it wasn't enough to damage anything) and upset the dog.

My sister called from the next town over to ask if I felt it too, but the phone call got cut off because all circuits were busy and such.  You know how it goes.

As one might expect, we don't get a lot of earthquakes in Maine, this is the first one that I remember.  (Not the first one my older sister remembers though, I heard the stories growing up about how my dad told her to stop shaking the table and she appeared elsewhere and it was revealed that she had no part in shaking the table.)

So, which earthquake did we have?  Near as I can tell it was this one.

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  1. I used to spend a fair amount of time on the west coast, and yet this was the first earthquake I've ever noticed. It felt like sitting on a washing machine here in NE Mass.