Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skewed Slightly to the Left: Getting there

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[Following directly from the last episode with Cameron in it.]

As Cameron reached the exit Jane appeared wearing a backpack and asked, "Do you know how to drive a motorcycle?"
"Simple question and we're low on time, yes or no."
"Then I'm driving."
They exited the church and walked toward the parking lot.  "I'm going alone," Cameron said.
"How?  You just said you can't drive."
"Why would I need a-"
"The streets are filled with rubble and abandoned vehicles and God knows what else.  You need something that can maneuver around all of that and fit through whatever openings there may be."
"The Range Rover got through it ok."
"The thing that used to be a Range Rover which you showed up in is full of bullet holes and begging to explode."
Cameron shrugged, it was true.
"Besides, what you really need is speed, not something that can smash through but something that can swerve around."
Cameron was ready to concede that, he wanted to locate Chloe as fast as possible, but there were other problems.  "And what are we supposed to do when we find Chloe?  How many people are you expecting to fit on the bike?"
"At this point sheltering in place is probably the best bet, your major fear should be that she's stuck on the street somewhere.  We need to find her, transport is a secondary concern at best.  We might be able to walk her to a safer place than she is."
Jane took off the backpack and threw it to Cameron, "Survival kit and med supplies.  If she's hurt we can patch her up." Cameron put on the pack.  Jane mounted the bike, "Hold on tight, somehow the helmets got misplaced so if you fall your head is toast." Cameron got on behind her and held on for dear life.
Jane sped through the streets and sidewalks, at one point finding an entire street blocked by the rubble of a collapsed building.  After they had come to a screeching halt, much too close to the ruin for comfort, Cameron asked, "Is that the..." but trailed off when he was unable to remember the name of the building.
"Yes," Jane said.  Then started speeding back the way they had come to look for an alternate route.

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  1. The only think I would add to this is a spare pair of sneakers. In a situation like that, feet are life.