Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You can't use real swears (super people)

[This has been in my head for a while.  I still don't know who these characters are, where they are, when they area . . . well, probably present day-ish, and if they have any notable connections regarding their super-status.  What I do know is that they've only just met one another, haven't found much common ground other than trying to not die and protect those who cannot protect themselves, at a lull in the fight, and are in the middle of an argument over {male character}'s choice of language.]

"We're heroes, kids look up to us!" she snapped at him.

"You think kids don't swear?" he asked, "Kids swear all the f--"

"I'm serious," she said, "you can't swear."

"Well then, what am I supposed to say?"

"Just use whatever they use in your favorite TV show."

An explosion caught their attention.  it only took a moment for the wind to clear the air, revealing three platoons of robotic shock troopers preparing to advance through the hole where the wall had been.

"Oh, quiznak," the two said in unison.

Their heads snapped from looking at the their opponents to looking at each other.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really," he said.

"Favorite character?" she asked.

"Pidge," he said.  "Yours?"

"Shiro," she said.

"It's an honor to fight by your side, Black Paladin," he said, completely serious.

"I am honored to stand with you in this battle, Green Paladin," she said, equally serious.

Moments later the combat began.

So I've been kind of having a debate with myself over whether or not to say this because I think everyone here gets it and . . . yeah. I'll say it anyway. Nothing should be read into the fact that his favorite character is female and hers is male. He's a he, she's a she, and they just happen to like the characters they like.

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