Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ankle Update

Saw the surgeon.  The swelling didn't go down.  Or not enough.  Surgery was going to be tomorrow.  Reschduled to a week from tomorrow if the swelling goes down, which will be checked wednesday next week.

(This is a, "FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuckity fucking fuck.  Fuck," situation.)

I have not been enough of a couch potato.  I've been ordered, not in these words, to be a constant one with elevated ankle.

This makes the fact that I just got a PS4 in the mail as a gift from my wishlist thing a very good thing.  Laptops are difficult when supine, controllers are just fine.  (Plus computer that can play games well is out for repair with no ETA.)

Here's the thing, as of right now I have one game for it.  A game with a "4" at the end of the title (Uncharted 4).

Help me follow the doctor's orders and be a couch potato with an elevated ankle, by getting me more games for the PS4, I really have wanted Gravity Rush forever (if the fact only electronic thing is a decent price is a problem {not sure how that works with wishlist gifting}, you could tell me, send me the money, and have me buy it myself) and I made sure to put the first three Uncharted games (all packed together in UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection) near the top.

So, here's what you do, you go to my "Oh My Fucking God, I broke my ankle in THREE places!" wishlist (not actually called that) and you see games I put on there.  If a 3DS is still at the top it means I don't have one, so don't buy a game for that unless the system itself is off the list.

You pick something for PS4 (unless the 3DS is off the list in which case you pick anything) and you get it for me.  Here's what I've been told about the process from a very reliable source:
It works! People need to make sure they have "Chris Witham's Gift Registry Address" checked when they go through the payment process, but it worked like a charm. :)
The reason"It works" is an exclamation is that when I fist set it up it didn't work.


  1. A step has been taken. ETA Sunday, they say.

    1. Woo!

      At least I've heard that is the appropriate response. Or maybe it was: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Either way.