Friday, February 17, 2017

I broke myself

Tomorrow, by which I mean later today when one is supposed to start their tomorrow, I'll likely have more to say.  There wasn't much to do as I was waiting there for hours, low on the triage list, so I took a note or two.

For now the short version:
The news is horrible but it could be worse.
The short version:
FUCK!  Fucking fuckity fuck; it hurts!
The short version:
My good ankle is now my bad ankle.
The short version:
"It hit a step?"
"It hit a flight of stairs."

I broke my left ankle, my good ankle, in three places.  It'll be a week before the swelling goes down enough for the surgery I'm going to need.  I'll repeat the salient detail: I'm going to need surgery.

Ow: pain.

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