Friday, February 17, 2017

It's the little things.

I need to water the hanging plants.  This is not negotiable.  I must be done.  I keep on forgetting until I'm out of state for a week to ten days.  They are dying and if I don't want that to become "dead" the plants must be watered.

It quickly became apparent that there was no way in Hell I could get an open container of water . . . anywhere.  Maybe if it were a sprain, thus not a lightning rod for death=pain lightning, and it didn't have the added dead weight of a splint and wrapping.  I'm actually pretty good on crutches n those circumstances, it takes me a bit to get reacclimated, and then all is well.  No sure if I'm carrying liquid in open container good, but I was't actually dong that on crutches.  I was using a chair as a walker.

I have two gallon containers in the fridge that I use for my water.  That way when one is emptied and needs to be refilled the other is already cooled.  My tap water is so good it's spoiled me, and thus the containers don't need anything fancy like built in filters or whatnot.  They're actually old orange juice containers.  Topicana Grove Stand (most pulp, so you know it's the juice of oranges rather than juice that is orange, though orange juice is more yellow.)

It was easiest to take the full one.

I hadn't even left the kitchen when catastrophic failure occurred.  It hit the floor, it stopped being a container, uncontained water went everywhere.  A gallon of it.

At this point it is important to remember what I said earlier about clearing vs. cleaning.  I've cleared paths so I can get around the house.  I have not done that by cleaning.  I've done it by making every mess worse through the process of shoving it out of the way into a nice heterogeneous heap.

I have no idea what got wet, but I know enough to fear mold.

Now, the little things I talked about in the title?  I don't trust myself to make it across a puddle on a smooth kitchen floor using crutches.  Everything I might have used to sop up the puddle was and is on the other side of the puddle.

If I weren't on crutches I could fix the problem that happened because I was on crutches, but since I am on crutches there's a gallon of water spreading across my floor lookng for anything ready to rot or mold.

Crossing a shallow puddle: little thing.


  1. Sorry about your ankle and all the consequences, I hope the surgery will be successful.