Friday, February 17, 2017

Stopgap ankle post

Until I write things up proper like, here are some short versions I've posted elsewhere:
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So, in this time of trouble it's important to stand up and be counted rather than being the silent masses. If anyone should wonder why I'm not doing that, yesterday evening I broke my left ankle in three places.

Sorry, you'll all have to save the country without me.
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Slacktivist (Don't know a soul who's not been battered):
Don't have a friend who feels at ease
Don't know a dream that's not been shattered
Or driven to its knees

Yesterday I slipped and fell all the way down the entire flight of stairs from ground floor to the basement. It felt like my left foot, specifically the ankle, hit every fucking one.

I broke it in three places. It's splinted now, which is good for making the constant pain bearable, not having it flop around in ways that were frankly disturbing and caused indescribable pain, and such. Also means I can't crawl. It's been a bad six months, and I don't thing it was all that good before then, house cleaning has suffered immensely and things are not really crutch accessible.

So fuck and fuck and fuckity fucking fuck.

But there is another point in here. Why am I not utterly fucked over for all time by this experience? The welfare state. I'm on SSI as permanently disabled (I don't plan to be permanently disabled, I may have hit the depression and related mental illness jackpot, but someday I intended to earn a living anyway*) which means I'm automatically on medicaid (MaineCare in my state) which means the scary sounding surgery that may involve screws and rods and the subsequent rehabilitation will be covered.

I am the leech on good capitalist society. I am every white American thing that people like Trump hate (and that's before we mention that I'm a trans lesbian who has always been a solid democrat.)

Thank you fucking taxpayers.

Also, for the record, I think that we should offer Medicaid to everyone (fuck income and ability, everyone needs access to good healthcare) and I wouldn't have minded if my 6 hour+ journey through the emergency room had taken longer because there were refugees who were higher on the triage list than me.

Certainly I think we should work to reduce wait times (hire more medical type people than are needed so things are faster) but not at the expense of giving refugees refuge and aid.


I ain't gonna be marching any time soon. Please, stand up and be counted for me. We'll survive this, but we need to work for it, and I just benched myself.


* I've been meaning to mention that I have a patreon account now. Been saving it for a Sunday post post so I wouldn't take away from weightier conversation. I'll probably still do that, but this is part of trying to get off the permanently disabled list (though I don't know what I'll do about health care then) so it kind of fits.

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Short version: My ankle is broken in three places, it'll need surgery but first we need to wait for the swelling to go down.

Full version:

Actually, no. I'll make a post on that. (it was getting way too long) Slightly more detailed version:

I was about to start on the complex and difficult project of cleaning up my house. I was in the process of starting in fact. I slipped on the top step, and didn't stop until I was on the basement floor. I think my left foot hit every damned step on the way down. The pain was so great all I could do was scream profanity for a while.

After much pain and crawling I was on crutches ready for my dad to drive me to anywhere medical. Going down stairs on crutches is the hardest fucking thing you can do on crutches. I failed. my left foot just grazed something. The pain was too much, I fell over backwards and broke my porch. (Butt landing, no injury.)

Ambulance. Not exactly high on the triage list and it was a busy night. Results from my over-six hour stay in the emergency room: ankle broken in 3 places. It's splinted now. Good for keeping the pain endurable (the pain never stops) makes it fucking impossible to crawl.

Surgery will probably wait a week for the swelling to go down. May involve rods and screws.

I've never had surgery. As in, the only time I've been intentionally cut into was splinter removal and the result was that I decided I'm never fucking doing that again and have done a lot of research into alternative splinter removal with varying results.

It sounds scary. Is it scary?

My first post on this, which may have less detail than I just gave, is here.
First time I've ever been inside an ambulance. Now I have as much life experience as the elder weasel.
Oh, I forgot (I'm going to fill this thread with just me posting repeatedly) I'm not going to be doing much standing up and being counted. So if something is happening, a rally, a march, a whatever, and you think, "Well maybe I could, but it's not like it'll make a difference/other reason for not going," please do try to make the world a better place in my place.

I was seriously going to try to be part of a march, for the first time in years, tomorrow.

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