Saturday, February 18, 2017

Four good videogames, free to good home.

Today, for the first time in ages I was going to walk from South Portland to Portland (not a first time in ages thing) and join a march (yes a first time in ages thing).  I was going to be politically involved.  I was going to stand up and be counted.

Then ankle.  So not doing that.  So when I found out about a Humble Bundle where 100% of the proceeds go to charities of importance, and saw it had good stuff, I decided to buy it and thus feel a little bit better about myself (and get good stuff) for a mere $30 increase in my credit card debt.

So, here's the thing, some of this stuff I already own.  Thus I'm looking to give away the excess on a first come first served basis to whoever wants it.

If you want one, contact me via email: cpw [at] maine [dot] rr [dot] com

Day of the Tentacle - An adventure game, a classic, one of the best in its genre.  Guide people through three points in time in an effort to stop the world from being conquered by an evil tentacle.  Like I said, one of the best of its genre.  Even if you have no interest in games whatsoever, you're supposed to be familiar with it for cultural reasons.

This is the remastered version so no dealing with pixelated crap unless you want to (you can switch between original mode and remastered mode at will.)

World of Goo - one of the 25 best puzzle games of all time, no I'm not going to look up its exact ranking.  Build structure out of sticks with the goo as the adhesive, motors, and (basically) everything else, watch as they crumble to the ground because you didn't have enough structural support, repeat until you can get the goo to go into the level's goal.  Be fucking amazed that a game with such a simple premise could be so incredibly awesome.

System Shock Pack - Includes the enhanced edition of the first game, and System Shock 2.  These games have massive historical significance for the work they did blending FPS and RPG and various other things.  The greatest game of all time had as head of development a System Shock Almunus.

Bioshock and Deus Ex are often considered spiritual successors which puts them as the originators of the lineages of a diverse set of games (for example, Dishonored.)

So what are they?  Horror games set on space stations.  In the first game a hacker is hired by a corrupt executive to disable the ethics programming on an AI.  Corrupt executive didn't think this through, the AI, now without a conscience, had plans that are way beyond helping corrupt executive.  By the time the game starts she's taken over the space station she calls home, killed a lot of the crew, and converted the rest into deadly cyborgs she controls.

Horror FPS RPG.  Seminal work.  Set new standards for video games.  So on, so forth.

Also, as a side note, any time the first code you encounter is 0451 it's either a reference to the System Shock (2 I think) reference to Fahrenheit 451 or a reference to one of the many games referencing that reference.

Whoa that's a lot of words.


Huh, I thought there were more than that.  Better change the title.  Original title was:

Games for free, games for free, games for fucking free, seriously, contact me on this because games for free.

I might end up adding to this list because some of the games that I don't have are ones  think I decided weren't for me in the past, but determining if that still holds true when I've already paid for them takes longer than just checking what games I already have.


  1. I am interested in the first two.

    And is SysShock that "Join uss...Your flesh betraayss youu.." game everyone played when I started college?

    1. And is SysShock that "Join uss...Your flesh betraayss youu.." game everyone played when I started college?

      Been a while since I actually played, but google and wkiquote say yes.

      I am interested in the first two.

      It looks like the games will be through steam, but the gifting isn't through steam, I email you keys that you use to activate the games on whichever steam account you want.

      So I'll get right on that.