Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The financial worries coming in mid February.

So the month ended, a new month started, and for the first time I have Patreon income that I shall have to deal with.  That'd a good kind of work to have.  It means things are better than they could have been.

Especially since the notebook that had all of the financial information I was going to send to SSI has been mislaid and I am therefore not likely to get them to acknowledge they've been paying me too little any time soon.  In fact, my best bet would seem to be to try to fill that gap with my new income, which is . . . sort of in the right direction.  There's kind of a double thing going on which is less than good.  They aren't just paying me $200, they're docking me an additional $70 as a minimum to repaying the amount they say they overpaid.  If I can get the $200 then things would be back to where they were in terms of theoretical income, but the $70 being docked would put my actual income too low.


Regardless, February is a taxes month.  On the 16th I have to pay $646.93 on the house.  I also need to pay $209.70 to keep my internet (I've gone into detail about this before, but basically it's allowed to slide, no late fee or anything, for a while, but that means that when it does come due the bill's built up to something big.)

And I could probably use more oil since I got the minimum order when I ran out.

Ignoring the oil, which will not become dire soon, that's $856.63 due this month, most of it by mid month, beyond normal monthly expenses.  I can definitely use the Patreon money to pay some of it, but even if I used every penny (not including transaction fees and such) I'd still come up $719.28 short.

So that's the big financial worry for this month.

You know the really annoying thing?

It felt like the numbers weren't adding up right, so I checked.  Ran all the math.  If not for the $270 (again, $200 in lowered benefits, $70 to make up for previous alleged over-payment) I would be doing fucking fine.  Perfect.  Peachy.

It's a little complex because if I hadn't lost more than half my fucking SSI income I wouldn't have needed to dive headfirst into credit card debt so some of the money that goes to monthly minimums now would instead go toward saving for oil, but the moment you take that into account all of the numbers work out, the stars align, and it turns out that I was completely right when I thought that no longer paying tuition should have ended my financial woes.

Now that I'm out of school and not paying for tuition, I shouldn't be getting into debt.  I should have everything covered, and maybe even enough at the margins to buy a new pair of shoes every couple of years.

But then they recalculated what they were paying me based on refusing to acknowledge that, "That only happened once," means, "No, it doesn't fucking happen every god-damned month."


Not everything I get stressed out about involves families being torn apart or animals dying.  Some is just about money.

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