Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stuff you could send me

Ok, so, after making a list of things I need or want, which included socks, someone was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to buy socks.  Enough so that I no longer need socks?  No.  But it was really, really nice.  At around the same time, someone sent me an old camera they weren't using because my camera was looking like it might have become useless.

These events have caused me to think about various things.

Yes, I need clothes and towels and shoes and such.  I can use donated money to buy such things unless it's needed to deal with this or that catastrophe but I totally wouldn't turn down a gift card/certificate/code/thing.  (The thing for socks was for much nicer socks than I'd usually get.)

There are also other things.

I don't particularly expect anyone to send me a high end desktop that can play every game ever released with the settings maxed out at 60 frames per second.  Nor do I expect a 4k OLED TV to be in my future.  Likewise I expect no one to give me the greatest digital camera ever made, or the Oxford English Dictionary unabridged.

- - -
If someone does want to send me something, I can be contacted at cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com

- - -

The one possible thing that stands out most is broken shit.

Say again?

Broken Shit.  See, people generally don't use broken things so parting with them is de-cluttering their life while also possibly providing me with things that are of interest.

I've made a Frankenstein's monster laptop before and it gives one a real sense of accomplishment to take multiple things that don't work and make one thing that does work out of them, but even when that turns out to be impossible, I generally find circuit board pretty and was thinking that, in place of art (since I'm already using all that I have), maybe I could frame some and stick them on the empty walls of my house.

So that's broken shit like computers, tablets, kindles, gaming systems, possibly cell phones but I'm less sure on that point, and such.  Electronics in general really.

Then there are things like figurines, sculptures, and things in need of superglue in general.  If it's in pieces as opposed to, say, shards it's actually of interest to me.  It's like a three dimensional puzzle to be put back together.  (And the sense of accomplishment when one is done.)

Also mechanical things, but . . . that's such a broad category and I have no real coherent guidelines to narrow it down.  What's complex enough to be interesting without being so far over my head as to make me look at it and go, "Wha?"  There's also the role of size, which I have no real advice for.

- - -

Anyway, as noted, the reason the category of "broken shit" comes to mind is because it's stuff that you're likely not using because it's broken.

"Old crap you don't use anymore" also comes to mind.  Again, though, there's a difficulty of guidelines.

In my life I've owned all of one gaming console and never had a portable system of any kind.  Pretty much anything in that arena, no matter how old to you, is new to me and may be of interest.

- - -

For . . . reasons, I have an interest in playing cards and tarot cards

- - -

The books that I write versions of: the Twilight Saga, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Left Behind series.  I have some thoughts on things that would be useful which require having multiple copies of each book.

- - -

Um, stuff.  I guess.

- - -

I honestly don't expect anyone to send me anything, so this post is more random wishful thinking.


  1. Hey, I don't know that you'd be interested, but I've got a first-generation Drobo (External USB RAID hard drive enclosure thingy) with, I think, something like 3.5 TB worth of hard drives in it that I'd really like to go to a good home. Seemed like redundant storage is something you might benefit from given the computer situation.

    1. I would be interested, thanks, please contact me via email so we can work out details.