Monday, February 6, 2017

Conversation with a squirrel while on hold

Ok, so Lonespark has tried to reconstruct the entire conversation so at this point I think I have to post it like she said I should do.

As far as I knew she was on the phone, then she was looking out the window and she started talking about a squirrel, and then there was how it would be cool have a pet squirrel, and how she liked the way they fluffed their tails, and how it was balancing on--

Are you trying to get into the basement!?  You bastard!

No, you can't get in.  There's still a hole but there's a pane of glass blocking it now.

Possibly more profanity, not sure.

Me: Aren't you on the phone?

Lonespark: I'm on hold, Walgreens's automated [something or other] doesn't really care if . . .

And see, I've lost all track of everything again and that was when things started getting funny so I don't know why I should post this but she seemed to think that I should report her deviant behavior to my viewing public.

And "All of our operators are busy with other callers you weirdo squirrel lady" and stuff, and things, and thoughts about what if Walgreens picked up the phone in the middle of an angry "Squirel you are not getting in my basement!  I remember the last time," rant.

And stuff.

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