Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Computer problems

My computer has had ever mounting problems for a while.  I thought I mentioned when, as far as it was concerned, one of the hard drives ceased to exist.  I don't see that post, so maybe I didn't mention it, but that happened.  Then it unhappened.  Thus it didn't need to be fixed just then.  So I've been putting it off, and off.  (And off and off and off.)

I'm not under any time pressure because my warranty is good through next year at some point.  Even under the best of circumstances a repair is at least two weeks without primary computer, and if they deem it not worth repairing I have to deal with the fact that the warranty theoretically pays for a new computer (practice can be different) but not a new warranty, and not the gap between theory and practice.

Well, today another happened/unhappened thing happened occurred.  There was a sparking sound near the power connection, then it lost the ability to charge.  So I spent a while trying to copy files to an external before the charge it did have ran out.  Then the unhappened and for a while it would draw enough power to not lose charge (but wouldn't actually gain charge) and now it is charging but SPARKING SOUND.

Thus I have to consider that, as inconvenient as it is, the damn thing needs to get repaired.

That in itself could leave the posting sparse (or not, it all depends on various factors) but equally pressing when it comes to letting you all know about stuff that effects the blog is that what has unhappened can rehappen and if the "can't charge" act repeats it could turn the computer into an over-sized paperweight with great speed.

So, I just thought I'd give you a "heads up" on that.

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