Friday, April 22, 2016

Kim Possible series bible

A series bible is used for two purposes.

Before the series exists it's used as part of the pitch.  "Here's what the show is going to be, give me money and a timeslot."

Once the show does exist it's used to keep the writers on the same page.  It has the basic facts that you do not want to fuck up, it has overviews of the characters so that they're in character, so forth.  The writers read it before they write and as a result (hopefully) the TV show has cohesion.

On April 18th one of the creators of Kim Possible, Bob Schooley, came across the pitch-era bible for the show while unpacking stuff into his new office (the two Kim Possible creators are going to be the ones doing the Big Hero 6 TV series at Disney.)

And thus began the tweeting of pages from said bible.  The bible was used to pitch the show in 2000.  The show hit the air in 2002.  As always with early production material it's interesting to see what changed and what remained the same.

Twelve pages of the bible have been released.  At some point I'll talk about what's to be gleaned from them, for now I'm in "I shouldn't even be doing this much this close to a screen" mode because concussion.

Speaking of, apparently I didn't forget about "brain rest", it's something that's relatively recent so it wouldn't have been mentioned last time I had a concussion.  But fuck are they right about it.  Screens and florescent lights are kryptonite to me right now and if I hadn't been told to stay away from them I'd have no clue because I'd be around them too often to notice the difference.  I'd just think the suffering was unavoidable.

So, until I do say something about the series bible, let me link you to what there is so you can look at it for yourself if you want to (these are all links to tweets, three of them links to the same tweet):

And that's it.

You can make out a bit of the text on the following page in most of the pictures which is how I know that there's one more "high school" character bio.

Oh, and if you have anything to say on any of that stuff, please do share it in the comments here.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The forklifts are coming! (An adventure I wasn't there for)

So brain rest means minimizing screen time and avoiding fluorescent lights.

It was near the computer/tablet/smartphone section of Costco that the problem inherent in accompanying Lonespark to Costco really made itself known.  Bear in mind that this is a giant warehouse whose ceiling is composed of 73% fluorescent lights, 6% security cameras, and 21% ceiling material which can only be entered by passing through a gauntlet of TV screens I'll never be able to afford showcasing the latest in screen technology.

(As I've mentioned once or twice, 4k is fucking amazing.  I don't think there's that much space left to go because while the technology will doubtless improve the human eye itself can only pick up so much detail.)

So I retreated and stayed in a mini-van while Lonespark was forced to face the warehouse boss all on her own.  She may be an impressive rogue, but I'm the party's fucking magical girl so without me there for support things could go sideways.

And go sideways they did.  They slid all the way into a spy thriller/heist movie.

Lonespark will give the details when she's good an ready, but the general is apparently that after the humans are kicked out the machines take over and you have to run from cover to cover for fear of becoming forklift prey.

She survived this adventure via the help of a native Costco guide, and thus she was able to return to me (well after all the other cars had fled the parking lot and the sun had shifted significantly in the sky) with meat.

Wondrous dead animal that we proceeded to eat yesterday night.


On a random meta/programming note, one thing that I'm doing during this, "Stay away from the screens or your brain will die, " time is working on Life After.  I've got a notebook, and a specific pen, devoted to it.

I've made significant progress toward finishing the revision of chapter 3 (so read chapters 1 and 2 to be ready) and a lot of more theoretical work on the overarching structure of the story.  The original plan was slapped together in a way that was random and arbitrary.  The new plan is nothing of the sort.

Even after I figured it out it took me a while to figure out why it was the way it is, but now that I do: Sierpinski triangles.

I need to stop screen time now, or maybe five minutes ago would be better, but before I flee I wanted to get to the point.  There's a decent chance that my next three posts will all be Life After related.  Those being the revised Chapter 3, an overhauled index, and a post on the structure of the story and Sierpinski triangles.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Please give me money, and why I need it, and all of that related stuff I write on the 15th of each month

Monthly money begging post time.

Short version:

I need money.  I don't have money.  If you have money that you don't need, and consider helping me a worthwhile way to spend that money, here's how to get that money to me:
  • If you have a Paypal account you can send me money by using my email address: cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com.  This is good and nice and stuff.  It's free, you see, meaning that every cent you send gets to me.
  • If you don't have a Paypal account then you can use the donate button in the upper righthand corner to get money to me (paypal takes a percentage.)  That said, don't try the recurring payments thing.  I don't know why, but every time someone has tried to be nice and schedule automatic monthly donations to me it has utterly failed.  Which is a shame because it's a nice thing for a person to do.
Long version:

Things are bad.  I have some hope that things will get better when I send in my SSI review paperwork and they realize that they were wrong and I don't have the eight fucking thousand dollars a year (and significant change) in income that they think I have and that really was just to pay for two semesters of school and not magic money I can conjure on command when I don't have school.

But until then my monthly income is lower than my monthly bills which means without help I get deeper and deeper in debt and that's before one considers the non-monthly bills ($267.50 three times a year, $657.72 four times a year, oil that's entirely unpredictable.)

My mother paid for the property insurance (the $267.50 one) and isn't expecting me to pay her back in the immediate future, though I should if I can, but she can't cover everything for me so the property taxes (the $657.72 one) that are due May 5th are very scary.

And my oil tank is really close to empty, minimum order of 100 gallons, current heating oil price in the area is $1.499 a gallon (it's good but going up) so I need $149.90 for that.

Do I have any of the $1075.12 I just described?  Of course not.

So, yeah.  That's where things stand at the moment.

Also, fucking concussion does not mix with computer screen.  Part of why I've had a general lack of output of late.  (The other part being the concussion in general which does not mix well with thinky pursuits.)


Oh, also:

No food or food money right now.  I failed to complete an annual review (because I didn't notice I'd gotten it) on time.  I can do that now that I know about that.

So the problem will be solved, but it takes time and thus right now no food or food money.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Apparently "Brain Rest" is a thing

You know what happens when you think you have a concussion?

They shine a light in your eyes, tell you "Squeeze this, push that, look over there," and so forth and finally say, "Yup, looks like a concussion.  Not a damned thing we can do about that.  You just need time and brain rest."

"Brain rest" is new on on me.  Stay away from screens, fluorescent lights, stuff like that, sleep and hydrate.  "Woo!" I say flatly and with no enthusiasm.

I've got a sprained ankle (but it's improved a lot; no crutches today and I didn't die) and apparently a bashed head.  You know what I can do if I have no screens?  Not a damned thing.  If not for the sprained ankle maybe I could make one last ditch effort to fix the washing machine or something, but with it ... not a lot of stuff that I can do here that doesn't involve me connecting to the wider world via things with screens.

So . . . yeah.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I may be somewhat concussed

When I went to get my ankle checked they asked if I'd hit my head.  I said no.  True, things happened quickly and I didn't have all the details of how I ended up on the ground, but I definitely knew that the order of events was: collapse onto/because of right ankle, land on my left knee dissipating downward momentum, end up on ground after most of the force of the fall had been killed.

I've got the scar on my left knee to show that that's how it happened and it reminds me of it every time I kneel (kneeling on my right side not a good idea because the ankle isn't up for the position.

This is the sixth day.  As I adapt to the ankle and thus have fewer shots of "Oh my fucking God, that hurts!" something becomes undeniable.  I have a permaheadache without apparent explanation.

It's hard to exactly describe.  It feels a bit like dehydration, but it doesn't go away when I know I'm hydrated; it feels a bit like starvation, but it doesn't go away when I'm fed.  It feels a bit like sleep deprivation, and when I first wake up is the only time I'm free of it (though that could just be grogginess masking the pain), but it doesn't go away in spite of me having adequate sleep.

It feels a bit like many things.  But you know what it really feels like?  A fucking concussion.

I didn't feel any pain from hitting my head.  I didn't feel any impact to my head at all.  But with the state my ankle was in I wouldn't notice much of anything.

I may be somewhat concussed.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Primary computer is home


That is all.

I think I want to design a wheelchair

When I went to get my ankle looked at and verify it was merely sprained and not something worse, they put me in a wheelchair.  Most movement involved being pushed around, but I did move and maneuver some on my own and... here's the thing: what I want in a wheelchair isn't really offered by the simple standard model.

On the flip side, the only time I'd ever be using a wheelchair is at times like this when I've sprained my ankle and I generally try to never do that again, so it's not as if I have much use for a wheelchair.  Especially since I'm generally just fine on crutches (though wheelchairs offer to vitally important things: a lap on which you can put stuff, and the ability to rest when stopped.*)

Those who actually use wheelchairs enough for wheelchair design to actually matter for them have not seen fit to make the kind of wheelchair I'd make.  So it seems likely that there isn't much call for it.  In fact it seems likely that the only person who would be interested in the wheelchair I'd like to design would be me, and I'm not exactly planning on being in a position to ever need to use a wheelchair much.

And yet, I think I want to design a wheelchair.

Part of it is probably just trying to make something in my mind into something real.  Could I do what I want while keeping the design relatively simple and light?  Would the mechanisms in my mind actually work the way I'd want them to?

Anyway, random thing going on in my head.


* Here's something I'd forgotten about a sprained ankle: your good foot never really gets to rest.  You can lean on the crutches heavily and balance with your sprained foot in order to lift the good foot off the ground, but that can be worrying because you're using the sprained ankle to keep you up (even if you're taking most of the weight off of it) and it feels like the sort of thing you don't want to do for long.

That said, it is a load bearing sprain that I have, and I'm doing around the house movement without the crutches at all, so it's really more of a confidence issue than an actual necessary effect of having my ankle sprained.