Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We're still friends, right?

(To avoid meta stuff involving my health and why you're getting rough unpolished work, skip to the first break.)

I don't think I mentioned this before, it would be easy to check but easy things are kind of the problem, but some things did come from meeting the orthopedic surgeon beyond, "Wow, swelling hasn't gone down enough, let's push back surgery a week (or more.)"

One of them is that I was told to get off my hormones to reduce the risks.  That's kind of fucked over my mood, and I'll be happy when I can be back on them.  Hence not having anything to post.  It's not the same as going off antidepressants, but it's not something you want happening to you.

I'm not exactly happy with the fact that I left the post on my ankle as the top thing through the end of February, though.  Tried writing something new.  No luck.  Tried looking at old unfnished posts and finishing.  Nothing there either.

So, here, have a draft of a fragment.

The last time I did anything to this is apparently 12/13/16, so blogger tells me.  Pity it doesn't record when when you started a post.  Anyway, it was around that time that I was working with Mishap (one, two, three) and so was in "thieving villains" state of mind.

* * *

When I wrote this I didn't come up with any names, I labeled them with letters.  This was another five person hero team, but one member left because of a conflict of interest (she fell in love with a thief) here's the what I electronically jotted to keep track of who said what and what role they were playing.

Old hero team:
L - leader
Th - one who turned thief
F - Friend
U - I couldn't think of a good word so urchin
T - Timid

G - Girlfriend, the original thief

Story begins:

* * *

Th "How did you expect me to earn a living?"

L "You turned your back on justice."

Th "Justice would be stealing the amulet and giving it back to the people whose ancestors made it, I don't seem to recall us ever doing that.  British archaeologists stole it the first time, we're just stealing it a second time."

G "If it's not going to be with the people who deserve it, why shouldn't we make money off of the eventual disposition of the item?"

Th "We have to eat."

L "There are honest ways to--"

Th "We're in a Museum, everything in here was looted, stolen, or otherwise taken without permission."

U "There is an entire wing devoted to the stuff robbed from graves, including some of the bodies themselves."

L "We are not having this conversation."

U "Sorry."

L "[Th] even after you left I'd hoped that you'd stay the course, maybe even make [G] honest.  I'm sorry --disappointed-- that you've become a common criminal."

G "We are anything but common."

Th "I'm disappointed that you're acting like I'm cackling while plotting to take over the world.  I knew I might have to fight for a new life, and I'm not going to back down just because it's you guys.  I could do without the whole judgmental self-righteousness though."

L "Fine.  We've talked enough."

Th *to F* "We're still friends, right?"

F "Of course we are, but that doesn't mean I'm going to step aside and let you get away."

*Th nods and smiles*

L *to F* "I can't--"

U "I can count the number of friends I have on one hand, you can't seriously think I'd turn my back on one because of a minor shift in her moral paradigm."

L *to U* "She's a criminal now!"

U "Not everyone has free food and lodging handed to them by the city, remind me to tell you some of the things I had to do before I--"

L "She betrayed us!"

T *to Th* "I'd like to think we're still friends, but that kind of depends on how much you hurt me in the coming fight, I think."

G "We're thieves, not killers.  I'm sure you'll be fine."

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