Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Things you can do

Random list of things you can do to help me while I wait six weeks before doctors will let me even attempt walking.
~ money ~

In my last post I mentioned how incredibly useful delivery food, the food in question at that time being pizza, is to me right now.  It comes to me and it doesn't require any preparation.  It's basically the only thing that's stopping my leg from making me go hungry.
Would tossing a little money in your Paypal help keep you in Pizza? (Or Chinese food or whatever else can be delivered in your neck of the woods.)
And the answer is most definitely: "Yes."

(Again there's a donate button in the upper right corner, or you can send me money through your PayPal account using my email: cpw [at] maine [dot] rr [dot] com)

With a lot of things there's lag time because I need to shuffle money through accounts until it eventually reaches the right place, but the paypal account does have a debit card that goes with it which means that I can pay for delivery using the money in the account the moment the money actually shows up in the account.

Delivery is expensive (why I've pretty much never done it before) and can't be done using food money, so if you want to do major short term help, and you have money, that's definitely something you can do to help.

Still on the topic of money, in the longer term I do have my ever-festering debt to slowly pay down.  Mind you, you'd have to tell me (you can include notes with a donation) that it was for that purpose because it's not like I have a separate pizza fund.  All paypal comes goes to the same place.

Last thing on the topic of money is that for the enduring long term, I have a Patreon account to accept monthly payments.  Speaking of, I've got to set up to get my money so far out of there so I can use it to pay bills.  I'm going to need it this month.

~ gifts ~

Not long before all this happened, someone gave me a gift certificate for socks based on them appearing on this list, unfortunately I only got to try on one pair before my left foot became unfit for socks, but they're really nice socks (thanks) and I like them and they're more than I'd ever get myself seeing as how I tend to get cheap stuff for me.

Some of the things on that list don't apply anymore (I finally got mason jars) some never made much sense (do I want a donkey?  Sure.  Can I care for one?  Not a chance in Hell) but some still apply (e.g. strong cups with large volume the better to hydrate myself.)  If you're interested in getting me something, contact me using the email above.

I can add things as well, I have an interest in playing cards and tarot cards, I know that proper runic divination uses sticks, but rune-stones are just cool looking. . . It may become apparent that I have an interest in divination.  Don't believe in it, but the interest is there none the less.

A universal remote, or any that works with my Toshiba TV, would be godsend right now.


There's this list which is about how I'll be spending a lot of my "supine with my leg above my heart" time.  I didn't have a console when I made it, and I put two possibilities on.  I have since cleaned up the list so it only has stuff that goes with the console (PS4) that I now have. (I dumped the rest onto this list on the off chance someone wants to get me a 3DS.)

So here's the deal with that list:

On the one hand, I think I'm good when it comes to filling time.  On the other hand I realized that playing console games the way I play computer games was a mistake.

Basically, I usually alt-tab out a lot and so even though I'm only playing one game what I'm being exposed to is a much more diverse set of stuff.  After playing Gravity Rush most of the way through I realized that I'd limited myself to one story, one setting, one set of characters, and so forth for way to long.  My creativity dried up.

The solution is simple: I need to switch between things instead of playing all the way through before starting another game like I usually would.  The problem is that for all of the gameplay time the games I have provides, there are [added:] nevermind. Just found some mail that had been set aside, probably when I was in pain post-surgery.  I've got four non-Gravity Rush settings now. [/added] only two settings (other than Gravity Rush, which I've kind of over-saturated on.)

So I don't need more games to keep me from cracking under the boredom that woul otherwise come from having to elevate my foot all the time.  But they would help me in taking proper care of my brain.  Filling the well and all that.

~ junk ~

Or obsolete stuff.  For example, if anyone recently got the latest mono-molecular edge GPU and needs a new home for the one they replaced, that's not junk by any stretch, but it would be useful to me.

So the category is more, "Stuff you don't want," but the title comes from the fact that I am interested in certain types of junk.  Sticking with tech for three paragraphs: While computer parts that work will be useful since I'm putting together a desktop for the first time in . . . ever, I also happen to find circuit board aesthetically pleasing.

Circuit board means not just computers, but calculators, and maybe phones.

I have long wanted to play Dr. Frankenstein to tech stuff, so I'd love to get the chance to make two things that don't work into one thing that does.  (And I once had a plan that involved taking a camera from a cell phone that couldn't phone and a lens-zoom assembly from a camera that couldn't camera and . . .)

Leaving tech stuff, I like fixing things in general.  For example, take broken ceramic duck, add thought and superglue, result: a sense of accomplishment and a fixed ceramic duck.  Despite what others think, broken things aren't junk, not really, they're three dimensional jigsaw puzzles.

~ feedback ~

You know how I make posts with fiction and stuff?  When people comment I treasure it an it reassures me that I'm not writing into the void.

I have never closed comments, so no matter how old something is you can say something about it.

I've been thinking about Ash a bit.  (A children's theater on tape rendition of Cinderella was played the morning I was at my sister's.)  That story is kind of rare in that it did get comments.  (Woo!)  Most stories don't seem to.

~ stuff you can't do ~

My dad did my laundry, I am now wearing clean clothes.  There was no way I could possibly get the laundry downstairs to the dryer, so I was kind of dependent on the kindness of others.

If I could just get someone to wash my dishes.

Or find the damned spiral bound notebook (maroon cover if my memory is to be trusted) that has my notes on everything in it.

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