Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Apparently my name is famous in court rooms

[This was written on the night of the 13th but I decided to schedule it for the morning of the 14th.]
[If you care about such concerns, you're welcome.  If you don't, ignore this.]

My sister called me up to tell me about another day in court.  She usually doesn't.

The reason she called me up after this particular day in court was that she was asked, "Do you have a brother?"

Apparently she was nice about it.  She says she said, "No.  I used to, but I have a sister now."

My existence confirmed she was asked if I had a blog.  If the blog was Stealing Commas.  So far she knows the answers.

And then the point was reached.  Did she know that there was a poem about the incident?

Nope.  She didn't.

Somebody did.

Looking back at the poem, I got a lot of details wrong.  Since going public in any kind of detail wasn't going to happen any time soon back then, there wasn't a lot of clarification going on and I misunderstood some things.  But the thing about the poem is that it wasn't supposed to be a point-by-point accurate-to-the-molecule retelling of what happened when I wasn't there.

It was instead a telling of my experience when I was there of trying to understand what my sister's family was going through, thinking I did, and finally realizing that I didn't.

It would be dishonest to go back and change the details I got wrong, because the poem is talking about what I believed, mistakes and all, at the time.  To change it to match things I've learned since then would be dishonest.  I misunderstood some things the first time I heard them.  That's the honest truth.

~ ~ ~

It is believed by individuals in some quarters that the Moons are reading Stealing Commas.  I'm not sure how to feel about that, if it is indeed correct.  On the one hand, I love readers.  On the other . . . it's the Moons.

Ten years ago I'd be happy to have them.  Stealing Commas didn't exist ten years ago, though.  A lot has happened since then, and when it comes to what the Moons have done, much of the stuff that has happened has been bad.

~ ~ ~

Anyway, my poetry has been cited in a court case, I guess that means I hit the big time or some such.

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