Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Entwining Destiny

[Came to me when I saw a thing with significant fruit that would "forever entwine" the destinies of those who shared a single fruit, presumably with informed consent.  Characters seemed to think of it as a true love thing, but when I heard it that wasn't what came to mind.]

One: I'm as excited about our journey tomorrow as you two are, and I wanted to do something tonight.  You know, since it's a stupid idea that'll probably leave us scattered to the winds.

*Two rolls eyes*

*One pulls out fruit*

Three: Is that . . .

Two: The freaky fruit?

One: Yeah.

Three: How did you get one of the magic fruits?

One: Well . . . it wasn't easy, but I don't like the possibility of us losing each other, so I figured we should have destiny on our side.  I want us to share this.

*One breaks the fruit into three roughly even pieces*

Two: Isn't it supposed to be a true love thing?

One: The legend is that those who share it have their destinies joined, it doesn't actually mention love.  I figure if our destinies are forever entwined, we'll always find each other, no matter what might go wrong, how lost we might get, or how far apart we end up.

Three: You still think the raft will be destroyed and we'll end up adrift.

One: I think the risk is worth it, same as you.

Two: So why the destiny fruit?

One: I couldn't bear the idea that if something did go wrong we'd never see each other again.

*somber silence*

Three: I'll eat.

*Three takes a piece of fruit*

*Two takes a piece of fruit and raises it for a toast*

Two: Friends forever?

*One and Three raise their fruit bits*

One and Three: Friends forever.

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