Friday, January 16, 2015

January 2014

I like indices.  I like being able to find things.  There's an index overhaul in the near future where I'll be making sure the existing ones are up to date and hopefully making them easier to navigate (the original work index, in particular, is one that I've let get away from me to the point it's nearly two years out of date.)

The plan is to spend this year getting somewhat more caught up on things. Specifically:
On the first day of each month I'll post the index for two years ago if it hasn't been made yet.  On the 16th day I'll post the index for one year ago.
Movies and Games
My series of Long Live the Queen posts continued.  Please note that while the following posts are my criticisms of the game, they are not a denunciation of the game.  The game was good.  It wasn't perfect, but nothing is.

  • Inconsistency (spoilers) - Repeatedly in the game it comes to pass that you face a problem, seriously consider certain options, and then later face more or less the same problem and don't so much as think about the possibility that those options (which you've already considered and possibly used) might exist.  The game suffers for it.
  • Lack of Flavor Convos - When the only conversations are because PLOT it tends to detract from the feeling that the characters, and indeed the world, exist independently of the plot and it tends to detract from the flavor of the game.  More in the article, of course.
  • An inability to do the obvious (spoilers) - It's annoying.
Resident Evil: Degeneration, some thoughts - General impressions after watching the movie, and a fair amount of musing on the choice not to be an action hero when the capability is there.

Under control vs. under control (Wreck it Ralph and Frozen spoilers) - I was wondering recently how long I'd been meaning to polish this up and make it into a Slacktiverse post.  Now I know.  Since a year ago this month.  It's about the difference between "Under control means make it never happen," and "Under control means controlling when and how it happens." 

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
The Princess Story, Part 4 - Princess Lara has a meal with Prince Apo and Princess Melitta where she tries to find common ground with Apo since they're betrothed.

Making sense of Alice's Power - Analysis, not a story.

Snarky Twilight:
Going to the Vampire Lair - Bella and Edward go to the Cullen compound.
It's so white in here why? - We start in the style of Douglas Adams, and move to a semi-plausible explanation.
Meetings and Greetings (Part 1) - Impossible people, impossible clothes, and bets that Edward doesn't like.

Lucy, meet Bella - Bella takes some time off to story hop and ask Lucy (of Narnia) if she really feels like she's doing what she wants instead of what her author thinks will best serve his purposes.

Edith and Ben
Meeting the Cullens - Ben meets Esmund and Jasmine for the first time, Caroline and Alex for the second.  Jasmine lightens the mood, Edith plays piano.

Skewed Slightly to the Left
Calling for help - Cameron needs to call in help to get Tsion across the border.
Getting to the other side - Cameron and Tsion cross the border with a little help from their friends and high explosives.

Image Stuff
Vermont (image post) - It was an adventure.  The tire exploded, there were rainbows, the house may not have been bigger on the inside but it sure as hell felt that way.  So: pretty pictures.

Kaleidoscope music box thing (image post, also questions) - There was this thing composed of pure awesome on ebay (there are pictures) and I wanted to know if anyone had information on who made it, or the proper name for it, or anything about it.  No one did.

The weather, it is here - Trees in fresh fallen snow look pretty cool.

Me Stuff:
Now I am indeed begging for money  - So apparently all is as it ever was.

Desperately seeking money - Things really haven't changed much.  Though I do have less credit and more debt now.

Sunday Confessional - A twitter user discovered that Ana Mardoll was my sock puppet in spite of being older, having a bigger internet following, and living in a different state.  Then there was the whole hive mind, assimilation, and the Custard Initiative may, or may not, have been called off.

Have I mentioned that I hate needing to have money? - It really is sort of distressing to look at a year ago and realize that, in spite of all my hopes that if I just made it through that financial crunch I'd be ok, it, in fact, never ends.

New post up at the Slacktiverse: Who decides what the fundamentals are? - I wrote a post for the Slacktiverse.  I need to do that more often.  It's an important question when discussing fundamentalists.

The cost of an education - It's things like this that make me feel like I constantly talk about needing money and feel guilty every time I make another post on the subject.  However much I may need it (I do) look at the fucking list of posts about myself, two out of every three are about needing money.

Current Financial Situation - An update on where things stood.  A not entirely bad update.  In fact a point I mentioned repeatedly was that I finally had heat.  In January, in Maine, that's a life saver.

The world at large stuff:
Marriage Inequality: How will we explain to future generations? - A transcript from a conversation in a hypothetical future classroom discussing our marriage laws.

Blog stuff:
I'd like to do a quote (from the blog) of the day, please help - No one did, it went nowhere.  I still want to do that at some point.

We'll be returning to regularly scheduled programming - Because logically you can only beg for money exclusively for so long.

October 2012 - Another month index post



  1. I missed the Slacktiverse post. I like your discussion. And will try to remember the word "casuistry" for the future. :)

  2. You might be interested to know that there's a beta patch currently being tested for Long Live The Queen which adds some new options, if you wanted to give feedback on those.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      I'll definitely have to look into that, if nothing else I meant to do a let's play of it a year ago.