Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The cost of education this semester

So basically this is another begging for money post, but it's also a status update.

I listed two unknowns before.  One was the cost of getting the tooth filled, obviously that came in.  The other was the cost of books for school.  Now I know it, sort of.

Books will cost at least $331.40.  I say at least because that's if I can get them all used and that is supremely unlikely since used books, being cheaper than new ones, sell out much faster.

If I have to buy them all new it becomes $425.59.  So that places everything in a nice easy to get a grasp on range.  The hard part is, as always, trying to find a way to actually pay the damn bills.  Recall that I'm still trying to scrape together 12-24 hundred dollars due primarily to dental and electronic difficulties.

... well, in point of fact about a quarter of it was completely expected, it was just that other stuff (unexpected stuff) wiped out the savings intended to pay for the expected stuff.

So returning to the land of education is financially frustrating.  But on the plus side, I'm almost entirely sure that if I manage to avoid head trauma and stay on my medication I will definitely get a MUCH better grade in my first and longest class  (It's worth one and a third times as much as the average class, you see, thus the meetings are longer) than when I took it before.

I mean, last time I took it I got a concussion and spent like a third of the semester suffering the after effects.

Also: Zen Buddhism.  I shall learn about it.

Tuition is $3,898, but that's an issue for another time.  The university, of course, wants me to pay it right now.  But fuck them, they fired the teacher who has helped me the most, did it without just cause, and when asked why they lied about it.  I know from experience that if I pay them by the end of the semester it'll be fine for me, so they can wait impatiently for their money.

If I can get the current crisis solved I'm confident I can pay for tuition by semester's end.  If I can't then, assuming I still have a home, the money that would have been used for tuition will be used to pay for the current crisis and any kind of fees and interest incurred by whatever means I need to use to kick the current crisis down the road (if such means exist.)

And in keeping with not wanting to have a string of "I need money" posts with no interruption, I'll keep on getting older stories posted here.  I'll shoot for a story about what an angel worthy of the name would do when faced with an episode from one of the later Left Behind books, to be posted around noon tomorrow.


  1. Textbook prices. :(

    Thanks for keeping us posted. We'll be here for you. (Still looking like I'll have a little money Friday that I can put in the tip jar.)

  2. Does your prof require physical copies of the textbooks? If not you could try finding them online: http://we-are-star-stuff.tumblr.com/post/56210981185/how-to-find-textbooks-online-for-free-a-post

  3. Off topic for anything except your last paragraph, but I just had the notion that it would be awesome if Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens wandered into a Left Behind story. I wonder if anyone has ever written such a thing.