Thursday, January 8, 2015

A prayer

God, bless the woman who gave me a ride.  Give her good fortune and welcome her into to the kingdom of Heaven

When I was outside in the stinging biting cold and I felt as if angry bees were trying to sting their way through my freezing legs, she took me in and gave me warmth.

When my neck was naked, she clothed me with a scarf, knowing that doing so would mean that she would have to give it up forever.

When I was thirsty, she gave me a token for a free drink at a nearby place.

When I was lonely, she gave me conversation.

When I had a long way to go, she gave me transportation.

And, at the end of it all, she gave me money.  (A handful of change.)

She did it all without prompting.  She did it knowing that she'll never be repaid for her time, her scarf, or her free drink token.

Even if I had the capacity to pay her back, I don't know her name, I'll probably never see her again, and I'm bad enough with faces that if I did see her again I wouldn't know it was her.  So I'm counting on you God.  Help this person out.  I have no idea what she needs, but for the love of you get her whatever that is.

Also, Jesus, if you're listening, I make no claim of being the least of these, but I happen to be one of the lesser of these, so I think that means you're supposed to take this kind of thing personally.  The difference is that you probably have the capacity to repay her as she deserves, where I do not.  So, please get on that.

If it would help in locating her so that she might be rewarded, I have the scarf she gave me.  So, if you need it God and/or Jesus, stop by.


  1. Hail to a kind soul!
    We have the power to pay it forward.

  2. Amen. As Fred would say, that'll preach.

  3. Agreed. For whatever supernatural entity they are pledged to, or, if none, then to the randomness of the universe, reward their virtue, please.