Sunday, January 4, 2015

Being more than a Simulacrum Index

This is a Kim Possible fan fiction inspired by another Kim Possible fan fiction.  In Blackbird's story "All I Really Want" Shego has Drakken create a clone of Kim (which, in accordance with fictional cloning regulation 23a, has Kim's memories) and then lets the clone go on believing she's the real Kim.  This, naturally, leads to unpleasant awkwardness and revelations down the road.

This story has Shego be honest with the Kim-clone, though not entirely forthcoming.  (I.e. she won't lie, but she refuses to answer certain questions.)  The backstory in general, and Shego's in particular, is based (with permission) on the version in Blackbird's story.


Welcome to the World - Kim's clone wakes up in Drakken's infirmary where Shego tells her that she is a clone, and is free to go, but Shego would rather she stayed.

Fall From Grace - Shego tells the clone, who is given the temporary name "Placeholder" or "Place" for short, how she turned from hero to villain.

Ruminations - Place considers the question of where the distinction between good and evil lies.

In the Morning - Waking up leads to a circle of immobilizing self doubt, and a story from Shego about why the military was willing to sell the plasma resistant material used to make the gym at a steep discount.

A Wizard Did It - Place gets a lack of answers on why she has Kim's memories.

Differentiation - Place grows comfortable with her place at the lair, explores ways to be different from Kim, and prepares to face the outside world.

Meet the Possibles - Place meets with Kim's parents and brothers, and finally settles on a permanent name.

Mind Games - Leela Place Possible meet's Kim's tech guru, Wade, for a brain scan and bumps into two more of Kim's friends in the process.

Before you go - Wade is left restless and introspective, Felix and Zita decide to go with "trust but verify", Leela Place gets the results of her brain scan, and she determines where she is going next.

I'm on my way - Place rides from Wade's house to her uncle Slim's ranch in Montana.

By my side - Place meeting with her uncle Slim and cousin Joss turns out to be mostly about meeting with her cousin Joss.

Part 12, as yet unnamed - Place and Joss journey to the Yamanouchi school in Japan, where Place gets some answers and Joss learns about the school.

Rescue Beautiful Monsters - Place and Joss log into Everlot to join Felix, Zita, Wade, and the twins on an epic quest.

From Ravening Princesses - The end of the the epic Everlot caper, as well as Place finally achieving (in the real world) the last of her goals of her time outside the lair.


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