Monday, January 5, 2015

When someone God likes starts building an ark...

[Originally posted at Slacktivist.]

"So, it looks like grandpa's favorite--"
"Our other grandpa's favorite drunk--"
"Yes. Stop interrupting. He's building a giant boat."
"He's gotten too drunk for his own good."
"Isha doesn't think so."
"Cousin Isha is always going on about weird things."
"She thinks something bad is coming."
"She always thinks something bad is coming."
"That's because something bad is always coming, now can I finish?"
"I have a feeling you will whether I want you to or not."
"Isha had her sister read the signs using the knowledge passed down from uncle Baraqijal, and they both think we we should build our own boat."
"We. Live. In a. Desert."
"So does Noah."
"He's a drunk."
"He's collecting specimens of all the animals, as if whatever isn't on the boat will be lost."
"He's very drunk."
"Well I'm going to help Isha and her sister build the boat. We're going to collect all the dragons an unicorns and lesser ungodly animals and then when grandpa does whatever he warned Noah he's going to do that makes him need a boat in the desert--"
"Like what? Turn the sand liquid?"
"--we'll be ready."
"How are you going to get all the ungodly animals on one boat?"
"Isha is sending out a message that there should be one boat in each region, which should seek to preserve the ungodly animals native to that region."
"Right. And are our other cousins listening to this nonsense?"
"Yes. Even the ones where those great big hopping things with the pouches live."
"Just because a lot of people are doing it, doesn't mean it's not a stupid plan."
"Are you going to help or not?"
"I'll help."
"But I intend to complain the entire time."
"I figured."
[And that is how the Nephilim were on earth "also afterwards".]


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