Saturday, January 10, 2015

Of Teeth and Taxes (or: fuck I need money)

Remember how I said that the bill for fixing the cavity hadn't come in yet?  It has now.  The quarterly property taxes also have.

This is, sort of, an "Oh my fucking God!" moment for me.

Depending on how you look at it, the cavity could be said to be two cavities.  It was where two teeth met and parts of both teeth had to be drilled and filled.  That said, since the teeth touch it was one hole and thus the dentist talked about it as one cavity.

I don't know exactly how it was calculated for billing (one or two) but it came out to an even six hundred dollars.  These even hundreds from the dentist bother me, mostly because I don't think the numbers are rounded down to the nearest hundred and so believe that they must be rounded up to the nearest hundred.

At the same time, the quarterly property taxes (which are my expense to pay) have come in.  Interestingly they're also in the range of $600.  Specifically $646.38.

Thus the two together are $1,246.38.  That's to be paid next month.  In my most recent post I worked out that $1,210.23 was how much that confluence of bills totaled to.  So put it together and I get $2,456.61.

This is the part where I say, "Fuck.  Fuuuck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Fuckity fuck."  See?  I just said it.

Now, mind you, there is nuance involved.  Unlike the $1,246.38 I just found out about, the stuff from last post is not a) entirely unaccounted for or b) entirely due in full soon.

Specific details are in that post but some of it was already paid and thus just frustrating in that it wiped me out, some it was looming in the future at an unknown date (still is), and the vast majority was converted to high interest debt meaning that it can be paid in small manageable payments with the downside that, in the end, it'll cost me about 150% of what it would if I could pay it off now.

Also, I got one donation yesterday,  (Yay!  And: Thanks.)

So it isn't the full $2,456.61 hanging over my head.  I'm not quite sure exactly how much it is.  (Which is why I'm taking the shortcut of reusing last post's number)

It is, however, at least $1,446.38 that needs to be paid next month ($200 of the amount from last post I know needs to be paid by then.)  It takes me three months to make that much (gross, not net.)  Hence the repetition of the word fuck.

So I think I'll end with two things:

  1. Anything anyone could send my way to help would be greatly appreciated.  I may start shamelessly begging in the general direction of people I know in person.
  2. I'll try to get a post not about my money problems up by tomorrow.  In fact, I'll dig up an old story I haven't transferred onto the blog yet and schedule it to post in the morning so that I can be sure I'll have a story post tomorrow and I'll try to write something new for the afternoon/evening.


  1. Fu-u-uck.

    I have to refill my meds this week (Monday or Tuesday) and I have appointments with copays on Thursday, but I think I'll have some money on Friday.

  2. You know what you have and what you can afford, so (I cannot stress this enough) don't give me money if you can't afford it.

    1. Heard and understood. I'm definitely keeping this in mind.

  3. You said there were plans, so I hope they work out well-ish.

    Please to be writing a post (even a few sentences) about the Screw Those Welfare Queens and Kick Terrorism in the Face Act (or whatever. Yours was elegant, but I've forgotten it.) with the provisions that actually help people.