Monday, January 26, 2015


Good news: No financial catastrophe next month.

In fact, donations have been such that in addition to stopping that from going to hell, I've finally been able to buy the school books I was supposed to have before the semester started on January 12th.

I still don't know what the situation will be with public aid.  Until I do everything is in limbo.

If I'm kicked off aid then ... I don't even know.

If I lose public assistance I'd need to replace it with constant money.  Money to replace $530 for expenses, $200 for food only, and the free health insurance I currently get.  (I plan to try to find out what the cost my medications would be without insurance later today, but doctor visits are another thing entirely.)

So, I'd need a constant, reliable, stream of money.  Except, even on the anti-depressants I don't think I can hold a normal job.  I'm constantly looking into things that I think I can do (consistently over an extended period) and seeing if there are ways to monetize them.  Success has been limited.

I'm blown away by how much people are able to give me in emergencies and appreciate it so much, more than words can possibly say.  Thank you all.

That said, emergencies are one thing.  They are finite, they are well defined.  Someone pays me something one time and that's it.

I very much doubt that I could count on Stealing Commas to replace what I'd lose if I'd lose if I'm kicked off aid.

So if I am kicked off I need to, very quickly, figure out how to make that money or lose everything.  Losing everything seems more likely.  I don't like that very much, so I'm still going to be spending a fair amount of my time frantically trying to find a way to not-lose everything.  (Notably my house and my antidepressants are things I'd very much like to keep.)

So, until I know what's going on with public assistance I'm not sure if I'm back or not.  But as for the bills that cropped up for unexpected reasons that were looming next month, at least that much is covered.

(And I just noticed that I'm getting low on heating oil, yay.  Why do unexpected expenses always crop up in winter?  If all of my savings are wiped out in summer at least I don't risk freezing.  It's not that low, though.  A problem for the near future but not immediate will-be-here-tomorrow future.)


  1. :(

    I'm glad of the good news. Remember to take care of yourself - all this is stressful, and stress is terrible.

  2. Glad to hear it! Let's hope the public aid thing works out o.k. for you too!

  3. No catastrophe is good. But I really, really hope the whole aid review thing works out. The universe needs to knock it off with picking on you. Really.