Sunday, January 18, 2015

A note on begging for money: Small donations help too.

So, on the subject of begging form money and all that, there's an important thing to remember as I throw out all these huge number and point out that I need a couple thousand (ish) dollars by next month just to turn imminent catastrophe into eventual catastrophe.

Small donations help too.

Generally I assume that no one has anything to give, so this doesn't matter, but there's a possibility that it does.

Someone might look at me talking about $600 for this or $800 for that night think that, not being able to contribute a 3 digit number means they can't help.  That's very much not true.

Wikipedia constantly rubs salt in the wound of how poor I am by saying, "If everyone donated 3 dollars..." as if I had three fucking dollars to donate, but the point is hardly lost on me: small numbers add up.

I don't have exact stats on unique visitors (blogger only reports page views which means I can't tell the difference between one person visiting ten posts or ten people visiting one post each) so I can't really do a breakdown the way they do.

My point in making this post though, is that if you could donate $20 that would help.  If you can't do that but could donate $10 that would help.  If you can't do that but could donate $5, that would help.  I'm somewhat more hazy on values lower than that because Paypal takes a cut of each donation and I don't know, I'd have to check, if it's always a percent (in which case no value is too small to help) or if there's some minimum fee (in which case at some point a donation is too small to help.)

So, anyway, if the various posts about me needing money have left you wanting to help, but you can't help a lot, I do accept helping a little.

That said, don't help any if you cannot afford it.

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  1. Speaking as someone who can't afford to help a lot, I am glad to be able to help a little. I wish it could have been more. :/