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October 2012

So, um, I completely forgot about the monthly indexes I was doing, and forgot for more than a year.

The point, in addition to just recapping past work, is to create a way to navigate quicker than going through the blog's old posts manually, but more informative than just looking at the post titles on the "Blog Archive" at the side of the page.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
The odds don't matter (Story fragment in a semi-Calvinist Dystopia) - If the only way to save the one you love from Hell (and you from being dragged to Heaven rather than accompany loved one) is to make war on God... do the odds of success matter?

In which I pretend the dream I had last night might seriously interest someone as a time travel story/series of stories - So, medication.  First it made it difficult to sleep and I ended up achieving basically complete darkness to deal with that.  Then it made it impossible to sleep.  Something about the form of insomnia, combined with the complete darkness, made it so that while I never got completely to sleep I was able to dream, and things just got weird.

Tam ea communis et universa precatio est quam creare posse - Not a story.  The Universal Lord's Prayer... in Latin.

"Life's not fair," is no excuse - A child confronting an adult and a larger philosophical point.

The Lovecraft reference that needs to exist - Just once someone needs to realize that if something is quoting Lovecraft it is not, in fact, an ancient tome they need to be afraid of.

My Zombie Apocalypse Team:
What is love - Snarky Bella and I discuss the meaning of love.

Traveling back to right what shouldn't go wrong - this is the first of two pieces explaining how Talking Time Travel at the Gas Station fits into the rest of the story.  It comes before that fragment.
Why we can't go back - This is the second, and happens after Talking Time Travel at the Gas Station.

General Left Behind based stuff:
Her Bailiwick - The use of the word demanded that there be a Warehouse 13 crossover.  Extremely Short.

Skewed Slightly to the Left stuff:
After the bomb - Loretta and Verna work together to get word out, and prepare search and rescue teams, Cameron talks to his dad and learns that Chloe is outside.

(Possibly Apocryphal) Before the Potentate's Speech - Nicolae rubs it in, twists the knife, whatever metaphoric language you want.  Rayford could have saved millions and didn't.

Getting There - Cameron gets unexpected help in his search for Chloe.

Image Posts:
Image post: fallen leaves glazed in rain - What it sounds like.  I have a camera.

Depression stuff:
My life, objectively, sucks - Finally dealt with the depression, things still were pretty bad.

Me Stuff:
Something I want to do with gimp - I'd have to reproduce the whole post to be more specific, sorry.

I am, officially, out of energy and the follow up Update on yesterday are the kind of ephemeral stuff that is included for completeness only.

I want stamps - Still do.  the problem is that stamps are basically money, and so you can't exactly get giant quantities for free.

To the person who shouted out a car window at me while I was walking up the hill - This may be valuable to you if you're ever in a position where you, in a moving car, feel the need to communicate with a pedestrian.

Does this happen to you? - Anyone else truly deeply love someone (familial/friendship love I'm talking here) who happens to be a jerk?

Yesterday - Probably the definitive post on my evil aunt and the divided property and the drug dealing and all the rest, but if I reread it to make sure I'd just get depressed.

Something I saw - A VW bug completely covered in bumper stickers reading "Legalize Love".  I wish I'd been able to get my camera out in time.

There was just an earthquake - Doesn't happen much around here.

Another Random Thought: Intertextuality - Why I can't watch The Matrix without feeling like Morpheus is trying to sell me pistachios.

Finding Newspapers - I had a brilliant plan that involved spamming the editorial pages of newspapers across the country.  It never came to pass.  This was asking how to find newspapers.

The world at large stuff:
The 'verse is moving - Waiting more than a year to do this really does have some odd feelings attached.  When the Slacktiverse at Typepad was closing there was a rush to find a new home and Blogger was chosen because it was known by people willing to go ahead and set it up, but (as a blogger user I can assure you) moderation sort of sucks here.  So that proved temporary before we settled at wordpress.  This was announcing the initial move to blogger.

Being a religion, in itself, is not enough to make you tax exempt - It's true.  Also, it is my argument that, even though it's exactly what they want, when pastors willfully break the law by turning their organizations into the very political entities they swore they would never be when they applied for tax exempt status, the IRS should revoke said status.

Team Big Bird - Don't even bother, included for completeness only.  I missed one line of what was trademarked and that was the only line that mattered.

Mark Hamill is fun - He is, but the video that proved it isn't there anymore.  (Cries.)

What the hell are the rest of you thinking? (Directed only at those in the US) - Remember when a Romney Ryan presidency seemed possible?  Yeah...

A thought on Earthquakes, and Faults, and Jobs - My job creation plan.

Random thought for the day - I want them to release full length read through of scripts, as well as full length pre-effects shots, in addition to finished movies.

They Live (a movie you should see) - It could be a metaphor for capitalism, or objectivsim, or the patriarchy, or the ... anything that keeps people down.  But the point is, you should see it.  Also the origin of the phrase, "I'm all out of bubblegum."

Put The Candle Back! (A post about policy toward transgender students in a town I'd never heard of) - A schoolboard put in place a good policy to protect it's students.  Then revoked it soon after.

From my sister: "Do you hate gays? Well, if you do, join me this election day and vote Yes on One." (Yes on One is a vote for marriage equality) - My sister is a big believer in framing.  If people she agreed with just framed shit right they could get people she disagrees with to vote for policies she agrees with.  I ... disagree.

Want the Zompocalypse? Vote Romney. - Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney because only Romney is capable of driving this country so far into catastrophe as to cause the zombie apocalypse.

So, I just voted - If you want to learn something about Maine politics on a statewide level, this post may be for you.

An ad I saw: Vote Biblical Values (Tuesday, November 6) - Having already voted by this point, I had the ballot fresh in my mind and Biblical values weren't on it.  Except the whole love thy neighbor as thyself.  That was, and I did vote it.  Which is to say I voted for marriage equality.

The HMS Bounty - There were two, each made for a different film version of The Mutiny on the Bounty.  Now there's one less.  I made this post when the one near me sank.

Yard sign says "Don't Redefine Marriage" then radically redefines marriage - You can really tell this month was election season, can't you?

Blog stuff:
It's been a year - The blog turned a year old.

My spam is self loathing - It is.

Apparently none of you exist and none of this ever happened - The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Google committed one of the fuckups for which it is justly famous.  This time claiming that the blog had never been viewed.

Existential Crisis Averted - Google fixed the problem, in what for them was probably record time.

My first post at the Slacktiverse - Just a post directing people off site to read, "Long live the--" Wait, why is it "live"? -- Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the subjunctive.



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