Thursday, January 23, 2014

Current financial situation

I'd rather not do these posts back to back and constantly and whatnot, especially since someone who donated before said they'd like more Snarky Twilight and Edith and Ben and I'd like to get on that.

That said, I was asked for clarification, so here clarification goes:
  1. Because of adventures in banking I have a credit card problem which will cause very bad things if I can't somehow get 200 additional US dollars in the next fortnight or so.  I've scraped together everything I can scrape and still come up short.  Given that I think everyone who can donate to help me already has, this represents a problem.
  2. Via negotiations with family that number is merely 200 and not 800, but the 600 dollar difference will need to be paid at some point, just not now.
  3. The money I owe to the university can be deferred for a bit.
  4. I have oil.  That's part of the reason, though only part of the reason, that everything I can muster still comes up short.  To be clear, if I didn't run out of oil I'd be fine for the month, but it took more than running out of oil for things to get fucked up.  Confluences of events and such.
  5. 200 dollars is what I need, 593.46 would be much, much better.
  6. Did I mention I have heat?
  7. There are a bevy of long term issues but that basically covers the short term.


  1. I can't seem to find a way to contact you privately. I tried to do a Paypal donation to you the other day and Paypal thinks it went through, but it's still not showing in the pending transactions at my bank. I want to make sure you actually got it. Electronic money stuff is supposed to make things easier! *flail*

    1. I did, I did, wahoo I did.

      Thank you.

      And my email is cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com.

    2. Yay! Must just be the vagaries of weekends and electronic banking.
      *makes note of email*