Thursday, January 9, 2014

Desperately seeking money

So remember how, not that long ago (4 days), I said I was begging for money because unexpected things happen?

Well, another unexpected thing happened.

I was pleased to discover that my bank account had more money in it than I expected.  Until, today, I found out why.

Apparently there was a transaction limit which meant that a payment to a credit card bounced (as did some payments made through PayPal) there doesn't appear to be a fee associated with such bouncing (Yay!) but the end result is this:

[Added:] Correction, there are fees.  Not insubstantial ones either, so... fuck. [/added]

1 I can't use my bank account for anything except for cash until the end of the month.
2 My credit cards ended up maxed out when they shouldn't be because I've got the money to pay them sitting right there in the bank account.
3 Most payments I have to make are not cash so I am thoroughly screwed.

I can't pay anything not paid in person.  Most payments, like, say, BILLS can't be made in person.

This situation will continue for the next 22 days during which time all of my bills are slated to come due.

I find myself in desperate need of an influx of money NOW.

So please, please, please help me out.


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